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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Organic Liquid Fertilizer, Bio Organic Fertilizer, Bio Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer and Plant Growth Regulator.

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Liquid Organic Fertilizer  is Our unique Formulation With Combination Of Natural Seaweed , N, P, K, Along With the Micro Nutrients Like. (Fe+Cu+Mn+Zn+Mo+Br) Needed by All Crops & Vegetables. It has property of organic fertilizer's It Quick results Stable effect microbe fertilizer's effect increasing. all crops, Vegetables, Trees it can boost Yield & Quality this is best choice for Production of Organic Agriculture products. Our Liquid Organic Fertilizer Promote root & make sprout to be strong Increase blooming & burliness of flower & fruit, Increase ability & Resilience. Increase Over all yield of Grains at 10-30%, Vegetables at 15-50%, Fruits at 15-40%. Target Crops: Grain crops: Rice, wheat, Corn, Maize, Sugarcane Vegetables: Tomato, Onion, Potato, Garlic, Cucumber, Chilli, Etc. Cash crops: Cotton, Bean, Tea, Rubber, peanuts, Etc. Fruit trees: Apple, Grape, Citrus, Lemon, Orange, Banana, Mango, Etc. and nursery plants. Foliar: 1 Litre mixed with 300 Litres of water Drip: 1 litre per 1000 Litres water Characteristic: Provides faster and more efficient fertilizer assimilation through both foliar and soil applications Increased root development by promoting more lateral and deeper roots Lower salt content than seaweed or kelp products, reducing salt inputs and burn potential. Improved quality of fruit and vegetables. Increased flowering and decreased flower loss Develops more homogenous fruits and reduces fruit fall Foliar and soil applications with any standard equipment Increased yield production at economic rates Balanced hormonal package for healthy growth curve Provides energy for the plant to focus on physiological functions Increased resistance to abiotic stress

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Bio Organic Fertilizer

We are an environmental pleasant group engaged in formulating a wide range of Bio-Organic fertilizers. These fertilizers are recognized to boost crop production as well as decrease the usage of chemical fertilizer and also irrigation water. With the assistance of this fertilizer also limited lands could be made useful. Organic Foods as well as veggie could be made if these biofertlizers/ biopesticides are used in addition to the organic manure. WE ALSO RECOMMEND SOIL TESTING BEFORE ANY PLANTATION We manufacturing and Exporter a wide range of numerous agro bio chemicals, organic fertilizers technical & formulas, bio pesticides, plant growth promoters, plant growth stimulant, amino chelated micro nutrients, potassium humates, seaweed essence fertilizers, plant growth regulator, and so on which are highly budget-friendly & safe. We are looking Enquiries for Bulk Order Quantity.     Why Do You Need Fertilizers? Why do you require fertilizers for horticulture or farming? Do plants not grow in the untamed with no fertilizers? The answer to this concern lies in that you only desire specific species of plants to increase in a farm or a yard. Soil , on farms in addition to the wild, has nutrients in it. Nevertheless, the percentage of minerals is different in different areas. Within an area, the nutrition content is in a similar way not consistent. In the wild, plants that are most suitable to the soil as well as other conditions increase as well as you don't have any type of control over their growth. Nevertheless, given that you wish to expand just your favored variety of plants in your yard or farm, you have to bring in nutrients according to the requirements of that range and also availability in your Soil.     Benefits of Organic Fertilizers Organic fertilizers are carbon-based substances that boost the efficiency as well as growth top quality of plants. They have various advantages over Biography Organic fertilizers, which include the following: Non-toxic Food:  Use of these organic fertilizers guarantees that the food products created are without damaging chemicals. As a result, completion consumers which consume these organic products are much less vulnerable to conditions such as cancer, strokes, and skin problems, as compared to those which eat food things made using chemical fertilizers. On-Farm Production:  The majority of Bio organic fertilizers could be readied in your area or on the farm itself. Thus, the cost of these fertilizers is a lot less than the cost of chemical fertilizers. Low Capital Investment:  Along with the on-farm manufacturing probabilities of organic fertilizers, organic fertilizers aid in preserving the soil framework and also increasing its nutrient-holding capacity. As a result, a farmer who has practiced natural farming for many years will certainly need far less fertilizer, considering that his soil is already abundant in crucial nutrients. Fertility of Soil:  Organic fertilizers make certain that the farms remain fertile for hundreds of years. Land situated at the website of old worlds, such as India and also China, are still fertile, although agriculture has actually been exercised there for countless years. The fertility is preserved because organic fertilizers were always made use of in the previous. However, with the raised use of chemical fertilizers today, land is quickly becoming infertile, forcing lots of farmers to further raise their use of chemical fertilizers or even leave the farming industry completely. Safe Environment:  Organic fertilizers are easily bio-degradable as well as do not trigger environmental pollution. On the various other hands, chemical fertilizers infect both the land and also water, which is a major source of diseases for people and is the force behind the termination of a number of plant, pet, and insect varieties. Employment:  We all recognize that chemical fertilizers are made in large plants that are automated and have a yearly ability of countless tons. Organic fertilizers, on the various other hands, are prepared in your area and on a much smaller sized scale. Because of this, the production of organic fertilizers causes work, specifically in backwoods where employment opportunities could often be stark. Quality of Organic Fertilizers When you prepare garden compost or organic fertilizers, you can add a selection of raw material to make the garden compost. The high quality or nutrient worth of the garden compost depends on what raw material you include in it. Also, if you are buying organic fertilizers, you should try to recognize the nutrition content of the organic fertilizers prior to buying them. Much like chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers additionally have an N-P-K (nitrogen potassium as well as phosphorus) value.

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Bio Fertilizer

Dolls export india is the profound organization involved in manufacturing and exporting of bio fertilizer in india.

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Organic Fertilizer

Dolls export india - our company is counted amongst the foremost manufacturers & exporters, wholesalers and suppliers of organic fertilizer in india.

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Plant Growth Regulator

Dolls export india - our company is counted amongst the foremost manufacturers & exporters, wholesalers and suppliers of plant growth regulator in india.

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