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We are leaders in the market for providing best range of SWING HARDWARE, Brazilian Swing, AIRMESH HAMMOCK, EYE PAD SET and HAMMOCK SLEEVE


Special hook set for swings. Consists of a screw, a carabiner and a dowel.

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Brazilian Swing

  • BRZ-STG 112 centimeters | 44 inches
  • centimeters | inches 130 centimeters | 51 inches
  • 110 kilograms | 240 pounds 1800 pieces | 4050 pieces | 4725 pieces

This hammock-chair is from the Brazilian family. These chairs are complemented with their stands that are suitable for indoors as well. These Brazilian Style Hammock Chairs are tightly woven with high quality cotton thread resulting in a heavy, durable fabric. They are available in vibrant colours that are appealing to all ages. Ideal in both large and smaller outdoor settings to create a personal sanctuary.

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  • AMFH 208 centimeters | 82 inches
  • 78 centimeters | 31 inches 335 centimeters | 132 inches
  • 110 kilograms | 240 pounds |||

The AIR hammock is a unique product. This Hammock is made from “airmesh” fabric and it provides a cooling effect on the body. The hammock is completely weatherproof – it can be used both Indoors and Outdoors! This product compliments the poolside of your patio! The material of the fabric does not allow water retention and drains all the water. The hammock can be permanently outdoors as well. The hammock comes with hardwood spreader bars and zinc plated rings in the harness. This product comes with a red pillow that compliments the product very well.

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Best Hammock Kit for hammocks and swings, includes a single set, 2 lag screws This Indoor Hammock Hanging Kit allows you to create your own relaxation station using any secure structure, basement to bedroom, patio to gazebo. Supports 500 pounds when properly attached making them perfect additions for bedroom or the kids play room. Made from mild steel and zinc plated. Provided as a single set. This can be used for both Hammocks and Hammock Chairs. EYE PAD SET

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    The Hammock sleeve is a handy accessory for any hammock camper, the sleeve not only keeps your hammock dry when not in use, but also makes it loads easier to roll up and pack away into your bag! Keep it bunched around the suspension cord, ready to extend over the hammock in a sudden shower.

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j clamp

This J Clamp Hanging Kit contains everything you need to hang your hammock in between two fixing points. This hanging kit includes: 2×3 meters length of rope, 2x rope shorteners, 2x screw eye with hook, 2x Figure ‘8’ hooks Bright Zinc Plated Steel Weight Capacity: 200 kilograms Ideal for temporarily hanging hammocks between trees or beams

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The A-Frame Swing Stand is constructed of premium metal and can accommodate up to 450 pounds. Can accommodate Swings of up to 60 inches. Comes as 5 components and can be assembled under a minute. The stand is heavy-duty and powder coated to prevent any rust on the product. S-hooks and vinyl foot caps are included. Outer Frame Material: 100% Mild Steel Colours Available: Black, Cool Grey and Taupe.

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Economy Basket weave hammock

  • Bed Size 36”x82”(91.4cm x 208.8cm),overall size :-155”(394cms)

Weather resistance, solution dyed fabric Suitable for single adult, Weight capacity 150kg Solid hardwood spreader bars, Zinc-pleated heavy-duty hanging hardware includes.

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  • Bed Size 45” x 34” (114cm x 86cm)
  • Weight capacity 100kgs
  • Product weight 3.5kgs

100% cotton rope (Also available in 100% polyester rope) Imported hardwood spreader bar Zinc plated rings with chain for hanging adjustments. Comes with an Eye pad set for hanging               Packed in Polybag/Cartoon

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  • Product Description Eye pad set for swings (2 pcs make a set)

  Made from Mild steel and Zinc plated. To be fitted to a timber beam or concrete ceiling from which the swing can be hung.

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  • Product Description Swivel

Made from mild steel and zinc plated. Can be used on the swing to allow rotation of swing without entanglement of harness Ropes.

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This Hammocks stems from the Brazilian family and offers an ultimate form of comfort and relaxation. These hammocks are tightly woven with high quality cotton thread resulting in a heavy, durable fabric. A natural choice for a Caribbean experience. Made with 100% cotton to give you the comfort of indoors while appreciating the lively outdoors Stunning colors make this hammock the highlight of the yard. This is a tightly woven and durable fabric; feels delicate on the skin!

  • Reference Number



    Bed Length

    200 centimeters | 79 inches

    200 centimeters | 79 inches

    Bed Width

    100 centimeters | 39 inches

    150 centimeters | 59 inches

    Overall Length

    280 centimeters | 110 inches

    305 centimeters | 120 inches

    Weight Capacity

    104 kilograms | 230 pounds

    180 kilograms | 400 pounds

    20/40/40 HC



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  • MAC-W 81 centimeters | 32 inches
  • centimeters | inches 130 centimeters | 51 inches
  • 104 kilograms | 230 pounds |||

Relax and unwind with a hanging macrame hammock swing chair — Complements any setting for cozy resting spot The macrame swing net chair can be used as a light cradle and swing reading chair or relaxing meditation chair — Makes a sweet snuggle swing to hang outside and enjoy nature, rest under the sunset, relax poolside, or lounge on the deck — Nestle into cozy “cocoon” while reading — Listen to the sound of rain, crickets, bird chirping, or quiet night of stargazing, etc Great addition to home, bedroom, sunroom, kid’s room, living room, and more — Adds charm to garden, yard, patio, deck and garden — Versatile enough to function as hammock chair, room display, or one of a kind piece of art Portable hammock relocates almost anywhere — Sets-up in minutes — Lightweight and easy to store and carry — Easy to hang from ceiling, tree, or any sturdy overhang that can support your weight Handmade bohemian chic hammock style swing brings style and unique touch to any home —The rope and swing design features macrame net chair pattern with fringe tassels Can also be produced in Polyester for outdoor use. Available in various colours.

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The A-Frame Swing Stand is constructed of premium metal and can accommodate up to 450 pounds. Can accommodate Swings of up to 60 inches. Comes as 5 components and can be assembled under a minute. The stand is heavy-duty and powder coated to prevent any rust on the product. S-hooks and vinyl foot caps are included. Outer Frame Material: 100% Mild Steel Colours Available: Black, Cool Grey and Taupe.

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  • SCS-18 110 centimeters | 43 inches
  • 130 centimeters | 51 inches 147 centimeters | 58 inches
  • 120 kilograms |||

Lay back and relax as you enjoy this roomy, soft and extra-comfortable hammock swing chair. This is an extension to the crochet family. Available in various designs and can be customised to your taste! This solid natural off white color chair is an elegant blissful retreat that matches any decor. The beautiful artisan made macrame – crochet fringe makes this a conversation piece and can be used indoors and outdoors. The elegant appearance and pure cotton construction will quickly make this your favorite seat, hand-crafted, tightly-woven, and purely luxurious. This Boho inspired hammock swing chair hangs perfectly It can be hanged from the ceiling, post, tree or stand… Made from 100% cotton hammock with macrame fringe. Weight Capacity: 120 kilograms.

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Heavy duty metal with durable powder-coating. Comes as 5 components. Very easy to assemble with the spring steel clip system. Designed for use with large and deluxe hammocks, this 15-foot-long stand will keep you swaying for hours, anywhere. Comes with adjustable harness, available in Taupe, Forest Green, Brown, Black. Can be customized in other colors based on requirements.


    12 Feet

    15 Feet

    Reference Number

    MS - 12


    Stand Length

    366 centimeters | 144 inches

    457 centimeters | 180 inches

    Stand Width

    85 centimeters | 33.5 inches

    127 centimeters | 50 inches

    Stand Height

    102 centimeters | 102 inches

    127 centimeters | 50 inches

    Weight Capacity



    20/40/40 HC



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  • KNS-18 1000 pieces | 2280 pieces | 2640 pieces

A colorful children's hanging nest, made from high quality cotton. The pillow is removable and it comes vacuum packed making it easy to pack. This positively impacts the ability to concentrate and promotes learning. Available in various colors. Can be made in Polypropylene and Organic Cotton.

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The links forming the chain and the S-hook are made from zinc plated mild steel. Can be used as hanging adjustments for all sizes of hammocks. Can be also used to adjust height of swings from the ceiling. Weight Capacity: 250 kilograms | 550 pounds

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Straps are heavy duty Nylon and adjustable for all kinds of hammocks. Each strap is 10 ft long. Comes with Heavy duty hanging Hooks. Enables fast and easy hanging/removal of hammocks. The strong Nylon Tapes are best suited for hanging hammocks in places where one cannot find equidistant trees.

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Laundry Bags

  • LB 39.5 centimeters | 15.5 inches
  • 42 centimeters | 16.5 inches 61 centimeters | 24 inches

Solid natural wood frame. Washable natural cotton canvas laundry bag. With it’s sturdy solid wood frame and large washable canvas bag, this hamper will serve your laundry needs for years to come. No tool assembly. Folds flat for storage or travel. FSC certified wood.

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The 360° Bug Net  was designed for a blissful mosquito-free sleep – this provides extreme protection against all bugs. The INCA bugnet is so dense that it does not even allow no-see-um to allow your hammock! The bugnet is portable and light weight – helps campers and trekkers to carry this in a small co-ordinated fabric bag. The bugnet comes with a two-side zipper and is very convenient to set-up. It’s time to say farewell to pests!

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