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  • Shivalik Arjuna Capsules

    • Feature : It is Very Good Source of Calcium.
    • Package size : 60 capsules of 500mg each
    • Used to : Reat Acne, Blemishes, Wounds, Dysentery, and Diarrhea.
    • Contains : Pure and Concentrated Arjuna.
    • Form : capsule
    • Dosage : One Capsule Twice a Day

    enefits of Arjuna Blood and haemopoeitic tissue: It is used in decoction in hemorrhage and other fluxes. Cardiovascular system: Vaghbhatta was the first to describe it in heart diseases. It is highly recommended in heart diseases complicated with endocarditis, mitral regurgitation, pericarditis, and angina. Digestive system: It is used in diarrhea, dysentery and sprue. Reproductive system: Bark is used in spermatorrh More...

    Inna Medical & General Stores

    Mumbai | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules


    • Type : Capsules
    • Grade : A
    • Form : PACK
    • Variety : CAPSULES
    • Packaging : STRIPS
    • Dosage Form : DIRECT
    • Brand Name : Adept Ayurveda

    pure extract of the herb and are more potent than just the powdered herb being sold at low prices in the market. It has been formulated as vegetarian capsules.our capsules are easy to swallow. Get your daily dose of arjuna for a healthy life.there are no reported cases of adverse effects from this product. Its an ayurvedic formulation. More...

    Adept Ayurveda

    PANCHKULA | More...

  • Terminalia Arjuna Capsules

    • Place of Origin : Mumbai
    • Part : Mumbai
    • Function : Given in Description
    • Type : Capsules
    • Packaging : HDPE Bottle
    • Form : capsuules
    • Brand Name : Herbal Hills

    Arjunahills - Value Pack 700 Capsule - Heart Care Herbal Arjuna is the best herb that helps in maintaining healthy heart(cardiac control), relieving mental stress & nervousness. - Each capsule contains 250 mg Arjuna Powder and 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Arjuna Bark (Terminalia Arjuna) (8:1) (equivalent to 2000 mg of Arjuna Bark. When assayed these capsules contain Tannin NLT 12%, Arjunic acid 0.5%. - More...

  • Arjuna

    • Presentation : 60 Capsules in a Single Herbs Pack.
    • Dosage / Serving Size : 1 Capsule twice daily with water 15-20 minutes before meals.

    The bark of Arjuna Tree is extremely useful as a cardiotonic, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-hypertensive and cardioprotective, which helps maintain normal Blood Pressure, effectively manages Dyslipidemia and strengthens the Cardiovascular System. It is also useful in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus, Pre-diabetic conditions and Obesity as it significantly helps in maintaining blood sugar and body weight within the acceptable ran More...

    Sahul India Pvt. Ltd.

    Kolkata | More...

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  • Arjuna Capsules

    • Presentation : 30 capsules plastic container

    Arjuna is useful in all type of cardiac & pulmonary disorders. Used as heart tonic, It is also used in gynecological disorders like menstrual problems, leucorrhoea, bleeding piles, urinary complaints, ulcers and in obesity etc.

    Amrut Pharmaceuticals

    Belgaum | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    • Packaging : BOTTLE
    • Dosage Form : 1-2 CAPSULES PER DAY
    • Type : CAPSULES
    • Brand Name : ABOOTI
    • Form : CAPSULES

    arjuna heart care capsule:  arjun is one of the most famous herbs known today. It has many effective medicinal uses especially for the heart and circulatory system. Arjun is one of the most religious and secret trees. The reddish bark of the plant is the main useful part. It is an effective remedy against palpitations, coronary (heart) blockage, blood pressure control, high cholesterol & other cardiac problems. each More...

  • Arjuna Capsule


    • Packaging : Bottle Pack
    • Place of Origin : INDIA
    • Dosage Form : As prescribe
    • Brand Name : VitaWin
    • Type : Comprehensive control of hypertension Capsules
    • Model Number : ARJUNA
    • Function : Comprehensive control of hypertension

    USES & Benefits :- Arjuna promotes effective cardiac functioning and regulates blood pressure. Strengthens the heart muscles and maintains the heart functioning properly Used in Cardiomyopathy like Myocardial infraction, angina, coronary artery disease, heart failure, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension. It is also beneficial for maintaining normal blood circulation and cholesterol levels Lowers beta-lipoprotein lipid More...

  • Arjuna Extract Capsules



    We are offering arjuna extract capsules, arjuna improves the pumping activity of heart, which makes it very useful for heart weakness and congestive heart failure. Improves cardiac muscle strength. Helps maintain a healthy heart and reduces the effects of stress and nervousness. Enhances prostaglandins and lowers risk of coronary heart trouble. Can relieve symptomatic complaints of essential hypertension such as gidd More...

    Global Trademart Limited

    Agra | More...

  • Arjuna

    • Botanical Name : Terminalia arjuna
    • Common Name : Arjuna, Koha, Kahu, Arjan, White Marudah, White Murdh, Arjuna Myrobalan, Orjun, Yerra maddi, Sadada, Sadaru
    • Family : Combreteaceae
    • Plant Part : Stem bark
    • Hindi Name : Kahu, Arjuna

    Arjuna is the large size deciduous tree. The height of the Arjuna tree reaches upto 60 -85 feet. It is the evergreen tree with the yellow flowers and conical leaves. It has a smooth gray bark. Fruit is 2.5 -3.5 cm long, fibrous woody, glabrous with 5 hard wings, striated with numerous arjun-treecurved veins. It has a buttressed trunk and a vast spreading crown from which the branches drop downwards. Its leaves are du More...

  • Arjuna Capsule

    Arjuna helps to maintain healthy blood circulation and balances Tridoshas of the body effectively. Regular intake supports healthy cholesterol and takes care of your heart in a very natural way without any kind of side effect.   Benefits of Planet Ayurveda Arjuna:   Balances psychic energies (Satva, Rajas, and Tamas) in the body. Balances all the three doshas or physical energies (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) in

    Dev Lifesciences Pvt Ltd

    Mumbai | More...

  • Arjuna Capsule

    We have parted our infrastructure into different units and one of them is warehouse wherein we keep our product lot for meeting urgent and bulk requirements of the buyers at a time. We are a noteworthy name when it comes to Arjuna Capsule that is the perfect outcome of premium material and advanced processing techniques.   Each capsule contains: Arjuna Extract (Terminalia arjuna) - 250mg Arjuna Powder (Terminali


    Mumbai | More...

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  • Arjuna

    Situated in India, we at, Satyam Herbals are engaged in supplying Arjuna in the market. The Arjuna, we offer, has astringent, sweet, acrid and cooling properties that prove beneficial in treatment of various diseases. Grown all over India, Terminalia Arjuna is widely demanded for making decoctions and other medications. Clients can avail Terminalia Arjuna from us at market leading prices. Product Information Botanica

    Satyam Herbals

    Gwalior | More...

  • Arjun Capsules (terminalia Arjuna Bark Powder Capsules)

    The ARJUN capsule is made from the Terminalia arjuna bark powder. The Terminalia arjuna bark is considered as a cardiac tonic. The Arjun capsule is useful in hypertention, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, anginal pain, palpitations, cirrhosis of liver, cardio vascular diseases, strengthen the heart muscles, severe refractory heart failure, etc. The recommended dosage is two capsules twi

    Shraddha Exports

    Ahmedabad | More...

  • Arjuna

    Arjuna is used extensively in maintaining healthy blood pressure, normal cardiac functioning and promoting cardiorespiratory endurance. Arjuna helps to improve coronary artery blood flow, reduce chances of clot formation and protect the heart muscles. The herb helps to lower blood lipid levels, and prevents the hardening of blood vessels by reducing lipid accumulation in the arteries.


    Bangalore | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    Arjuna is a dense and tall tree and has long, cone shaped round leaves and white bark used in medicines. This tree is called nadisarjja in Sanskrit and its bark is described as a cardiac tonic. The tree is indigenous to India though it is found also in Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

    Benmoon Pharma Research Pvt Ltd

    Ahmedabad | More...

  • Arjuna

    Description:   The arjuna is about 20-25 meters tall; usually has a buttressed trunk, and forms a wide canopy at the crown, from which branches drop downwards. It has oblong, conical leaves which are green on the top and brown below; smooth, grey bark; it has pale yellow flowers which appear between March and June; its glabrous, 2.5 to 5 cm fibrous woody fruit, divided into five wings, appears between September and

    Natural Biotech Products

    Mandi | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    We are into the business of manufacturing, exporting and supplying highly effective Arjuna Capsules. Formulated using quality herbal ingredients, our capsules are used for controlling prehypertension & hypertension and also helpful in giddiness, insomnia, lassitude, headache & lack of concentration, and IHD. We make available these Arjuna Capsules in safe packaging. Also, buyers can obtain bulk quantities of

    Juventus Spanish Remedies

    Amritsar | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    We are offering arjuna capsules. Arjuna extracts have been widely used in ayurvedic medicine. The bark of the tree has been used for several centuries for treating cardiovascular ailments. It has a host of other therapeutic benefits including treating asthma, hypertension and kidney stones. In the , a network of medical experts, ‘once in a blue moon, we uncover a supplement (arjuna) that does so many things well; i

    Pbs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

    Pune | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules- Terminalia Arjuna

    Arjuna Capsules- Terminalia Arjuna Available: Worldwide[Major Markets: USA, UK] Type: Capsules Production Capacity: 500, 000 caps per weekIts available in many countries with our and other's brand name. In case you need it on private labeling, please let us know.

    Mittal Ayurved Sansthan

    Meerut | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    Arjuna Capsules (Terminalia arjuna) : The bark is astringent, cooling, demulcent, cardiotonic, styptic, expectorant and tonic. It is a unique herb that helps maintain a healthy heart and reduces the effects of stress and nervousness. The bark has been used in Indian Herbal medicine for at least 3000 years. Arjuna promotes effective cardiac functioning and regulates blood pressure. Arjuna has been the herb of choice i

  • Arjuna Capsules

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Suggested Use : Take one Capsule, two times per day, preferably with a meal. IMPORTANT : As with any supplement, if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medication, consult your doctor before use, Discontinue use two weeks prior to surgery. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDR

    Bhumija Lifesciences

    Jaipur | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    Arjuna extracts have been widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. The bark of the tree has been used for several centuries for treating cardiovascular ailments. It has a host of other therapeutic benefits including treating asthma, hypertension and kidney stones. In the Health Sciences Institute newsletter, a network of medical experts, ‘Once in a blue moon, we uncover a supplement (Arjuna) that does so many things well

    Delhi Trading Company

    Ludhiana | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    The bark of Terminalia arjuna has been used in India for more than 3000 years, primarily as a heart remedy. An Indian physician named Vagbhata has been credited as the first to use this product for heart conditions in the seventh century A.D. Research on terminalia has been going on since the 1930s, but studies have provided mixed results. Its role, if any, in heart disease still remains uncertain. Nevertheless, peop

    Bhumija Lifesciences

    Rajasthan | More...

  • Arjuna

    Botanical Name: Terminalia Arjuna An excellent pure herb capsule, that keeps heart to stay healthy and is also a natural remedy for various common ailments. Arjuna capsules have been found to be effective natural and purely herbal remedy for blocked coronary arteries, high cholesterol and congestive heart failures. Regular use of Arjuna capsules improves pumping activity of heart, improves cardiac muscle strength, de

    Mission Herbal Healthcare

    Lucknow | More...

  • Arjuna

    Botanical name Of Arjuna:- Terminalia Arjuna Arjuna  is a rejuvenating herbal tree that grows in India, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri lanka, Nepal, China, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Taiwan. Arjuna is a member of Combretaceae family. It is a 25m long tree and its leaves are oval in shape. Arjuna is one of the contents of Triphala.It is a native of India and it grows at the altitude of Hima

    Navchetana Kendra

    Delhi | More...

  • Arjuna Capsules

    Made form 100% pure terminalia arjuna extracts, our Arjuna Capsules improve blood circulation and treats various ailments. We formulate them under hygienic conditions at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Hence, we are renowned Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Arjuna Capsules in Haryana (India). We make them available in medical grade packaging as per requirement of buyers.    &nbs

  • Arjuna Capsules

    Arjuna herb works as a heart tonic that helps maintain heart health, its helps to maintain normal blood pressure, its  promotes proper blood flow and normal homocysteine levels, Heart muscles are strengthened by arjun, its supports the blood's absorption of lipids indicating it has cholesterol-regulating properties, Arjuna herb helps to reduces the effects of stress and nervousness on the heart.COQ10 in Arjuna suppo

    Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy

    Hyderabad | More...

  • Arjuna

    we are the manufacturers of Arjuna.

    Omayurvedic Agency

    Ghaziabad | More...

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