Warm Stream

Warm Stream

Gujarat, India

Gas fired water heater

Gas fired water heater

Salient Features :

  1. Specially selected energy efficient thermal insulation significantly minimizing losses.
  2. Highly sensitive, quick-acting thermostat starts heating water quickly.
  3. The flue baffle maximizes heat absorption in the Flue Tube; by minimizing air movement in the heater.
    During standby periods it further reduces heat loss up the flue (Smoke) tube.
  4. Fully automatic control shuts off the gas, once the pilot burner is extinguished either by operator or by accident.
  5. Pilot burner ignites main burner once water temperature falls below preset level and shuts it off, as soon as the desired temperature is reached.
  6. Relief against pressure buildup through inlet cold water to overhead tank, for 100% safety.
  7. Built-in gas pressure regulator ensures uniform gas flow, under all conditions.
  8. Imported energy saving gas controls and cutoff mechanisms ensure absolute safety.
  9. Three convenient thermostat settings at your finger tips ( warm, Hot and very Hot ).
  10. Accordingly, you get water at the preset temperature throughout the 24 hrs. a day. No need to fire or extinguish the burner.
  11. Simple robust construction using heavy gauge steel tanks for longer life.
  12. Hand-hole clean-out door makes internal cleaning very simple and easy.
  13. The size of water connections provided ensures full-flow delivery to the fixture.
  14. Long-dip tube introduces cold water near bottom of the tank, increasing amount of hot water available for withdrawal at top.
  15. No need of any hazardous electrical control

  • Feature : Automatic
  • Brand Name : Warm Stream
  • Storage / Tankless : Storage
  • Fuel : PNG, LPG, CNG
  • After-sales Service Provided : Yes

Additional Information:

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