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Bogie Hearth Heat Treatment Furnace

Bogie Hearth Heat Treatment Furnace

These are high temperature furnaces that are exclusively made according to the need of the client. International bogie electric technology is employed and advanced high temperature is used in the system. Our company has worked on this furnace keeping in view the need of the market and international level competition. Mass production on production line will be started as soon as more orders are received.

The bogie hearth heat treatment furnace of our company is highly energy efficient and has been used for products such as high manganese, roller, ductile iron, ball, high chromium, liner quenching and crushed hammer heads. The lining material of the furnace is made up of very light steal. Steal head and lining makes the furnace super energy saving. It has insulating refractory brick as well. Good quality furnace bull bricks are used for furnace mouth. Latest technology is employed along with labyrinth technologies. Along with this, automatically seal agencies are also employed for the reduction of heat loss and increased temperature efficiency. Appropriate adjustments according to the needs of the user can be made as the equipment has electricity magnetic breaks.

Multiple temperature control system is installed to improve the temperature uniformity inside the furnace. This is assured with the wall layout heating components modification. High power and high temperature bogie hearth resistance furnace has multiple temperature control counters. Furnace door’s bogie operations are also carried out easily. For the control system and temperature fluctuation maintenance most advanced procedure have been used with advances technology curve in microcomputers. This aids in ruling out even minor errors when operation is done.

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