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Hot Oil Heaters

Hot Oil Heaters

Hot Oil Bath
Hot oil bath or Oil Heating unit is specially designed equipment used for providing indirect heating in most cases. Industrial Fabricators Hot Oil Bath (IFHOB) is a very intelligently designed device which is very compact and very handy to use. Our IFHOB has been a remarkable success in the field of technological advancement and safety. As its Name Suggests

is a device used to heat the thermic fluid oil at a given rate and circulate it through the application area. The pump used in this device is of best quality and highly durable and withstand high temperatures. IFHOB has been aided with a set of revolving wheels so that it adds to its mobility and convenient nature. IFHOB comes with an ability to be placed very near to the application area, this is a very big advantage of our IFHOB, by this there are no Pipe line cost, No Maintenance work for long pipe lines, No leakage or insulation problems. IFHOB comes with a very superior control panel which has all the safety features and makes the device extremely sensible as well as very effective. The heaters are of high quality which last long and provide efficient heating. It saves a lot of valuable money time as well as man power, When you require only one of your device where indirect heating is required you don’t need to start the Huge boilers or thermo-packs instead you can use our IFHOB. The Cost of operation of a huge boiler or thermo-pack for operating a single device or equipment is very costly as well as time consuming. In most of the cases our IFHOB gets to the set point at the application area very quickly (Depending up on Model as well as Type of Oil, Distance from IFHOB etc). The System is designed in such a way that maintenance can be very easily carried out. There are three models of IFHOB namely IFHOB24, IFHOB36 & IFHOB48. We also make these systems as per customer’s requirement.

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