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Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Rotary Vacuum Dryers (RVD) also known as Vanuleuth Dryer, is a cylindrical jacketed vessel with a central agitator having specially designed blades. The blades of this Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryer (RVPD) are so designed that they sweep the entire internal surface and at the same time turn the material so that all the particles are come in contact with the heated surface.
The central agitator shaft is supported on the two end bearings housed in bearing housing in such a way that the alignment remains always intact. This central agitator is driven by means of a Motor & Gear box through the bull Gear.
Cooling could also be provided by cold water / brine refrigerant through the jacket.
The horizontal shell is jacketed to heat the shell with steam / hot water or any other thermal fluid. Limpet coil is provided instead of jacket if the heating media is fluid.
A Dust Catcher consisting of bag filter is provided on the top to prevent the losses of material particles after the drying process.
A Condenser of adequate heating surface area is provided wherein the evaporated vapors are condensed and these condensed vapors are then collected in the receiver of suitable capacity, placed beneath the condenser.
A Vacuum Pump of adequate capacity is provided & fitted to the receiver of these rotary vacuum dryers to create the vacuum in the dryer shell through the Receiver, Condenser and Dust Catcher.
 Salient Features of Rotary Vacuum Dryers (RVD)
     Very suitable for drying materials which are heat sensitive, as low temperature for drying can be maintained by high vacuum
     Lowest energy consumption compared to any other batch type dryer due to higher differential temperatures.
     Higher Thermal Efficiency.
     Almost 100% recovery of solvents.
     Heating Temp.: From 30°C to 300°C.
     Evaporation Rate : 4.12 Kg/ HrlSq. Meter of Heating surface area of water at heating temperature of 100°C.
     Limpet coil could be provided instead of jacket if the heating media is fluid.
     Breaker bars of approximately same length as dryer shell can be provided if lump formation is expected during drying.



  Total Volume (LTS) Working Volume (LTS) Heating Surface Area (SQ. MTS) Power Required for Agitator Motor (HP) Approx. Size of Dryer ell (Dia x Length)
RVD-500 500 250 3.2 7.5 700 x 1400
RVD-1000 1000 500 6 10 900 x 1700
RVD-1500 1500 750 7.7 10 1000 x 2000
RVD-2000 2000 1000 8.7 15 1100 x 2100
RVD-2500 2500 1250 10 20 1200 x 2250
RVD-3000 3000 1500 11.6 20 1260 x 2400
RVD-4000 4000 2000 16.7 30 1200 x 3600
RVD-6000 6000 3000 17.7 40 1600 x 3000
RVD -8000 8000 4000 23.5 50 1600 x 4000
RVD-10000 10000 5000 27.3 60 1700 x 4400

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