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Grinding & Milling Tools & Machinery

Our product range contains a wide range of Grinding Machines

Grinding Machines

We are offering grinding machines
disintegrator desy-05 is designed for grinding industrial conditions in the air of different granular materials th original particle size up to 10mm.
originally designed disintegrator for grinding grain cereals (wheat, rye, corn, etc.) at the present time with the disintegrant also produce rice and soya flour, cocoa powder, powdered sugar and wood flour. Commenced commercial operation disintegrator for crushing (milling) of nucleoli in myatku sunflower seeds used in the manufacture of halvah. We believe that the disintegrator (grinder, crusher) can be effectively used for grinding komponeytov mixes, fertilizers, etc. Operating experience disintegrators (crushers, mills) for grinding of fatty materials (cocoa cake, fat (10 .. 12%), soybean meal, sunflower seeds, and others showed that the fixed disk not effectively cleared from the grinding of the product. To address this shortcoming is development disintegrator (shredder, shredders) with two moving disks. New disintegrator will, if necessary to increase the linear velocity of 250 m / sec.
disintegrator (mill, crusher) consists of a frame on which are installed grinding organ and electric motor, connected to a belt drive. The grinding body is a finger disintegrator. In the case of disintegrator (grinder, crusher) is coaxially placed two disks. One of the fixed disk, the second - moving, rotating at a speed of 6000 rev / min. The movable disc is driven by an electric motor through a belt drive. Chopping body disintegrator (grinder, crusher) are hardened cylindrical pins, arranged in rows in a circle with different radius and a common center, which coincides with the axis of the shaft. His fingers pressed into the hole and fixed drives on the back side. Fingers moving disc moves between the fingers of the fixed disk. Impeller, fixing fingers moving disc is radially arranged blades, which contribute to the flow of air to the rear of the drive for cooling.
milled product is supplied through the collector to the center of the fixed disk. Enters the disintegrator (chopper) evenly distributed around the circumference of the disc with your fingers moving. Each of the drives has five rows of teeth. Thus, between the rows of fingers formed nine zones grinding. Spacing of the fingers in each row is reduced. Because of this, and also due to the increased peripheral speed as the distance from the center of a number of peripheral milling process (milling) consistently intensify
due to the fact that the disintegrator (chopper) is a kind of centrifugal fan, creates a powerful airflow that removes the product from the grinding of the body and transports it through the air to the cyclone to a height of 4 meters.

capacity, kg / hr (grains) 500
power consumption, kw 15 ... 18.5
weight, kg 345
when grinding wheat milling achieved the following results: - up to 150 microns, 50% (first passage), from 150 to 200 microns, 12%, from 200 to 300 microns - 8%
- more than 300 microns, including the bran - 30%

installed in a disintegrator milling hardened fingers provide from 1.5 to 2.0 thousand tons of grain.
Durability depends on the hardness and abrasive grain debris. Due to the fact that

grinding of grain produced fingers due to the high speed (125m/sek.) impact the quality of grinding depends on the wear and tear is not toes. When the limit of wear fingers gently begins to decrease yield of flour. Replacement of finger disintegrator (chopper) the manufacturer produces in one day. For the repair of the fingers can be made independently by following their installation may be necessary to clarify the balance of mobile disk.

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