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We offer a complete product range of milling Machines

milling Machines

we are offering milling machines
mills rye, rye flour line
on the basis of finger disintegrator mk-05 are designed, manufactured and successfully operated milling line-oriented conditions and collective farms. the average payback time lines - 4mes.
universal line lm-05u-10u and lm obesptchivayut processing all types of cereals (wheat, rye, corn, etc.)
each of the lines can be conventionally divided into two departments: the preparation of the grain and milling department.
in the preparation of grain for grinding is carried out: a selection of large and small impurities on the grain-cleaning separator, cleaning the surface of the grains of dust, torn amniotic membrane, a partial separation of the embryo and the beard, the removal of small and light impurities on shelushilno-grinding machine pnevmokanalom. after cleaning the surface of the grain moisture is in the pipeline screw and binning.
purified and moistened grain is fed to the grinding. grinding is performed on digital at the disintegrator mk-05. in line lm-05u a grinding organ line lm-su - two. finger disintegrator creates an air stream, capable of moving a product of the duct to the grinding sieving. to quench the velocity of the grinding and removal of the mass of the purified air into the atmosphere at the end of the duct is installed with a cyclone filter, which catches a lot of grinding and tarpaulin sleeve forward to screening.
rotary screening is designed to separate the milling products into five fractions: large bran, fine bran e grits, flour top, i and ii classes. sieving flour provides a selection of these varieties only on the grind. other parameters depend on the grain quality and the degree of preparation of grain for grinding.
universal milling lines provide the output 35 .. 40% of the flour, all relevant quality indicators than whites. whiteness index deteriorated due to the fact that in the process of grinding a small amount of broken shells to grind higher grade and can not be allocated to the plating. experts attributed to an improved flour obtained first class. if you select only i and ii grade flour will meet all requirements. the yield of flour grade i will be 55 ... 60%.
when milling rye and corn moisture is performed. before grinding, you must also replace the sieve in the sieving cloth.
performance milling lines: lm-05u-500 kg / h;
lm-10u-1000 kg / h.
the layout of the equipment can be adapted to the specific configuration of the space .
the lines of rye flour, lm and lm-05rzh 10rzh ensure processing of all types of crops other than wheat. on the lines, you can also grind the soybean meal to meal, consisting of lines provided in the equipment for cleaning the wheat from the trash, grinding and milling of the product division into two or three fractions depending on the requirements . the main field of application - the production of rye flour. due to the installation of the screens on the plating time can select all kinds of rye flour: seeded, peeled and wallpaper. most of the emit only peeled flour and flour have access to 80 ... 85%.
the lines of rye flour acquire not only small-scale producers. currently there are points of grain-na line capacity of 2 and 3 tons / hour. the lines are in high demand due to high wear resistance of the grinding body (disintegrant) and ease of maintenance.
in the preparation of grain for grinding cleaned wheat from the major and minor impurities on the grain-cleaning separator.
refined grains fed to the finger disintegrator mk-05.
in line lm-05rzh a grinding organ line lm-10rzh two. just as in the universal lines, the product of grinding on the duct is fed to the cyclone and filter, which catches a lot of grinding and tarpaulin sleeve forward to screening. rotary sieving separates the product of grinding to the desired number of fractions. usually allocated only peeled flour and bran.

performance milling lines 05rzh lma-500 kg / h;
lm-10rzh-1000 kg / h,
the composition and layout equipment lines rye flour are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the .
combined line-lmc and lmc 05u-10u are designed to improve the load line of the universal milling through the expansion of technical possibilities. combined lines in its composition provide universal milling line and a line embedded grains. the rendering provides: a selection of large and small impurities on the grain-cleaning separator, clean the surface of dust grains and grinding to a given depth. as part of a system for rendering which provides a clean grain from light impurities, after sanding and cleaning grains from light impurities after the crushing and separation into fractions. the rendering is common to the two lines.
the device and the technical possibilities of universal milling lines described above.
in the production of refined grains throughs grain fed to hammer mill designed for grinding corn kernels. the product, after grinding mills applied to the screening of cereals which provides its division into six fractions; meal, four types of cereals and grain destroyed not for re-crushing. the outputs are connected to the system of screening of aspiration rendering> that provides a clean grains of light impurities.
on the line of cereals can be processed on all types of grain cereals.
the line cereals - 300 kg / h
the yield of products, meal, including grit - 25 ... 30%
croup -70 .. 75%
the line of cereals can be operated only when the broken line of flour.
component equipment milling lines and grains
the rendering ml-08. designed to prepare wheat, rye, barley, corn and other grains before milling into flour, as well as scaling and polishing of these and other crops (millet, peas, soybeans, etc.) in the production of grits. it consists of the grain cleaner, huller, grinding and aspiration system, which provides a clean sanding dust grains.
sieving flour rm 05 and rm-10. it is intended to separate the milling products into five fractions: flour superior, first-and second-class, with fine semolina bran, bran. separating element is nylon or nylon mesh stretched over an arched frame. products under the influence of a rotating grinding rotor whips move helically along the sieve. the rate of passage of the product are controlled separately in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach screen.
hammer is designed for grinding kernels in the development of the cereals barley, wheat, corn and other crops. it consists of a frame on which the hammer mill fitted with an electric motor connected to a belt drive.
sieving cereals rc-0. it is intended to separate the cleavage products of the core six fractions: fasciculi; rump 4 varieties; not kibbled. separating sieve element is spanned by an arched frame, in the first section to highlight the fasciculi set kapron sieve number 14, in the other - punching metal sieve. the shape and size of holes punching sieves are selected depending on the type of processed culture. for wheat and barley sieve set with round holes d 1, 5; 2, 0; 2, 5; 3, 0.
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