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JK Earthing Electrodes

JK Earthing Electrodes

Based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, we are counted among the high-standing Suppliers of the JK Earthing Electrodes across the country. For fulfilling varying grounding requirements, we have stocked up the JK Earthing Electrodes in ample specifications. These Earthing Electrodes are checked on the quality, resistivity and performance terms before offering to the clients. Lastly, the prices quoted by us are almost insignificant.

J K Earthing Electrodes has developed first ever GEL Earthing after a consistent R&D and is being manufactured & marketed for more than 8 years. With over a decades of expertise and a true backing of 7-8 years of R&D has helped to come out with the innovative, cost effective & environment friendly solutions for your grounding requirements under the registered brand name of "JK" (CHEMRODE) & our special hygroscopic chemical compund named "RESLOW" grounding minerals Stringment quality controls adhering to international standard forms the complete solution suitable to any application requiring high performance earthing. "JK" Earthing Electrodes is dedicated to provide innovative cost-effective & environment friendly solution for your grounding requirements. Our proven experience with thousands of applications helped the industries to save money by preventing damage to their valuable equipments as well as improve the productivity by dominating unnecessary downtime.

Technology Of "CHEMRODE" : "CHEMRODE" is the innovative method of Dual Pipe system having compartment of outer shell, inner shell with the terminal on the top, fabricated high quality MS material and subsequent hot dip galvanization to maximum of 80-100 micronsin outer shell and 250-300 microns in the inner shell to strengthen the flow/dissipation of fault/static current to its maximum safetyness. "CHEMRODE" creating int ideas for making the different solutions such as GRID, MESH, TRIPOD, Faraday/Octopus, Crow-barearthing etc.

Reslow Grounding Minerals : J K Earthing Electrodes has also introduced an illustrious compund called as "Reslow grounding minerals" which will be used around the earth electrodes at the time of installation. Reslow grounding minerals is a combination of graphite, natural earth minerals etc. which is of hygroscopic property to retain the moisture for a long time. During installation with proper water pouring, the Reslow grounding minerals will convert into the gel formation and its quality to retain the moister upto twenty times its dry volume as well as it create a gel layer surrounding of our electrode. Reslow grounding minerals is a compbination of totally corrosion free and highly conductive & non-corrosive minerals.

Reslow grounding minerals maintains the moisture surrounding the CHEMRODE, which helps to create the balance & consistence ohmic value within the safe limit without any fluctuation of results, as a safeguard of equipment. As well as its layer works as a highly conductive conductive path to pass the fault current, noise filltrations, resolve the problem of earth to neutral voltage difference and supported to active/passive lighting protection device too. It also helps to give the life to our CHEMRODE through its layer between electrode & direct soil, so minimize the chances of corrosin.

Advantages & Benefits Of "CHEMRODE" :

  • Maintenance Free
  • Corrosion Free & Maintain low resistance for a very long period having the bare munimum fuctuations.
  • Highly reliable for safety of human life.
  • More surface area of conduction.
  • Adequate galvanizations & highly conductive.
  • Designed to handle high peak current & maximum fault current dissipation instantly.
  • Control Radio Frequency Emissions & Electromagnetic Interferences.
  • Provide stable reference potentials for instrument accuracy.
  • Discharges stable reference potentials for instrument accuracy.
  • Discharges short circuit currents.
  • Fit & Forget solution.

Model :

  • JK 250
  • JK 350
  • JK 280
  • JK 380

  • Brand Name : JK
  • Thickness : 5-7mm
  • Length : 0-250mm
  • Application : Earthing Purpose
  • Certificayion : CE Certified
  • Weight : 50-100gm
  • Finishing : Polished
  • Current Type : AC, DC
  • Material : Aluminium

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