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Lighting Protection Ineternational Pty Ltd. (LPI) is a fully owned Australian manufacturer and supplier of direct strike lighting, surge & transient protection equipment and earthing products to a wide range of industries throughout the world. LPI's STORMASTER ESE The LPI Stormaster ESE range of terminals provides a safe and efficient system for the protection of your facility from direct lightning strikes. The LPI Stormaster ESE terminal captures the lightning energy at a preferred point. The energy is conveyed to ground via downconductor(s). When the energy enters the dedicated lightning earth. It is safely dissipated without risk to personnel and equipment. CERTIFIED PERFORMANCE As one of the leading companies in the field of lightning protectin. LPI has invested heavily in field and laboratory testing as part of its on-going commitment to research and development.

Throughout the product development of the stormaster ESE the proto-type models were subjected to intense testing under high voltage conditions. Following further refinements the Stormasterterminals were subjected to final testing by an independently accredited test laboratory which completed testing in full complianc with the French National Standard NF C 17-102.

The objective of the testing under NF C17-102 is to obtain a statistical result between a single reference rod and the ESE terminal whereby a time difference is obtained between the two and by definition, a triggering time advance T is calculated. Safely margins are applied to the measured values in order to provide a conservative measured result. HOW DOES THE LPI STORMASTER ESE TERMINAL WORK? The Stormaster Early Streamer Emission air terminal uses the naturally ocurring electrical field to complete the timely release of an upward streamer. this process provides for a safe and efficient method of controlling dangerous lightning energy at a preferred point.

As a thunder storm gathers overhead the ambient electrical field surrounding the Stormaster ESE begins to rise in voltage. Upon the approach of a downleader towards the protection area there is a rapid increase in the electric field which initiates the triggering of an upward streamer from the Stormaster ESE terminal. The concept of earlier allows for a larger or enhanced area of protection to e provided by the Stormaster ESE in comparison to a conventional rod.

With the release of the upward streamer from the finia tip earlier than other competing structural points, the Stormaster ESE terminal becomes a Preferred point for the capture of the lighning discharge within the protected area. ADVANTAGES OF THE STORMASTER ESE TERMINAL A typical Stormaster ESE installation consists of a single Stormaster ESE Terminal with an enhanced area of protectio nand one or more downconductors connected to a dedicated low impeda ce lightning earth. LIGHTNING STRIKE RECORDER (LSR 1) LPI have developed a Lightning Strike Recorder (LSR) which is designed for easy mounting on a downconductor to effectively count the number of lightning strikes captured by the Stormaster ESE Terminal.

The LSR has a current senstivity range of 1500A through to a maximum of 220kA @ 820µs impulse and operates by sensing current by mean of an inductive pickup loop. The strike recorder has a mechanical 6 digit display secred within a polycarbonate IP 67 rated enclosure. The LSR is self powered and does not require the use of a battery or any external power source. GROUND RESISTANCE IMPROVEMENT POWER (GRIP) Ground Resistance Iprovement Power is an earth enhancing material which is appied in and around an earthing system to reduce the soil resistivity and lower ground impedance. GRIP is supplied i 10kg and 40kg kits and is particularly used in difficult sites such as sandysoils and rocky ground. LPI recommends the installation of a radial lightning earth to aid in the eficient dissipation of the lightning energy.

Contact LPI or and authorised representative for design assistance and further detail on LPI's complete range or earth enhancing compounds. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT The company has an ongoing commitment to Research and Development LPI personnel and its associates have been involved in a number of field trial throughout lightning prone regions of the world. This experience has extended throughout such countries as Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka the USA and South Korea. ADVANTAGES OF STORMASTER TERMINALS For more applications, a Stormaster System consists of a single ESE lightning termainal which provides an enhanced area of protection, a single purpose designed shielded downconductor for sensitive structures, or a conventional type for standard structures and a single low impedance grounding system. LPI's software based placement program can determine the number and location of terminals required for your project. LPI's system can be installed to comply with most lightning protection standards. • LPI's Stormaster system is simple to install and requires no special maintenance. • LPI's Stormaster is a very economical solution for providing your lightning protection whilst providing superior security. The design ofLPI's Stormaster ESE are based on the most recent developments and improvements within the industry.

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