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Pressure Automatic Rubber Roll Husker

Pressure Automatic Rubber Roll Husker

This machine is an automatic rubber roller husker and newly developed. It's highly automatic with good capacity. As an updated machine for rice processing, it’s resulted from advanced techniques and so easy and convenient for use.

The sensor is used to test the material level. There is a feed machine. When the material reaches a certain level, the machine will be turned on automatically. The feed gate will be opened and the husker will begin to work. If the material is discontinued or below the set leveL, the gate will be closed and the machine will be turned off automatically and stop working.

The material will be feed by means of vibration, which can ensure the even layer and flow of the material on the shedding plate, and keep stable the length and direction of the rubber rollers as well as the husking rate.

The air pressure is employed to adjust the rollers. The pressure between the rollers is even with less undulation, which helps stabilize the husking rate.

As the rubber rollers wear out, the long shedding plate can automatically trace and orient toward the target area between the two rollers till the rubber layer is used up.

The change gearbox is used to adjust the speed in order to get the optimum technical parameters.r


Capacity (t/h) 3.5-5 5-7 7-10
Rubber Roller Spece (Dia x length, mm) 0255*254 0225x360 0254x508
Air Pressure (MPa) 0.6-0.7 0.6-0.7 0.6-0.7
Wind Amount (m'/h) 4000 4800 5600
Power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11

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