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Apis Mellifera Bees Honey Bees

Apis Mellifera Bees Honey Bees

The honey bee Apis Mellifera, is one of several species of bees that are engaged in producing honey. They live in colonies, or hives of 50,000 bees on average where swiss replica watches the A honey bee colony consists of queens, drones and workers. All these play a major role in the survival of the community as well as provide valuable assistance in the collection of precious and pure honey.




Beehive is a wooden box or a structure to keep the bees where they are induced to live and raise their young. These are made in traditional designs and also in modern designs. A modern Bee Hive is known as the Movable Frame Hive. The improved scientific Bee Hive based on the principle of bee space is called the Movable Frame Hive. It has following major parts:

Dwelling Honey bees- The improved scientific bee hive based on the principal of bee space is called the Movable Frame Hive. It has following major parts.

Bottom Board - The lower most part of the hive, the base with entrance rod and slanting bottom.

Brood Chamber- A rectangular box with hanging frames, 8 to 10 in number, of specific measurements. This chamber is used for brood rearing and multiplication of workers in the replica watches uk colony.Super or Honey Chamber- A box of similar size as Brood Chamber or half the depth according to the local practices with similar hanging frames of specific measurements. Bees use this chamber for storing and ripping honey.

Queen Excluder - It is a metal sheet with regular openings of the specified size, framed with wooden borders. The size of the opening is such that the worker of a particular species/strain can move through easily but the queen does not pass through it. It is used between the Brood chamber and Super chamber for preventing the Queen to enter the upper chamber i.e. Honey Chamber.

Inner Cover – It is a rectangular wooden plank with a rectangular opening in the center to cover the brood chamber or honey chamber when in use.

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