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premium honey

premium honey

Anp honey do not add any flavoring to our honeys. Hives of bees are placed in choice fields of a particular flower in bloom, such as mustard, sunflower & eucalyptus. Since bees usually fly within a two-mile radius, they will visit only the flowers close at hand. Once the bloom is finished, the bees are removed, and the honey is extracted from the hive.

Today, we have distinct varieties of honey. Most of our honeys came from basin of ganges, kashmir & himalayas regions.

Our premium honey is pasteurized, filtered and minimally processed. This is the only way to preserve the distinctive flavors, trace minerals, vitamins, and pollen grains found in honey. 

We hope you will try and enjoy our great regional honeysnatural honey : pure multiflora honey collected by the honey bees from the wild flowers in the virgin forests. Herbal honey : world famous honey from the rare herbal plants found in the upper himalaya. The product is popular as kashmir herbal honey, throughout the world. Lychee honey : a delicious light aroma honey from the lychee blossom of lower himalaya. Dark in colour and have very high mineral content. Famous for its medicinal properties. Acacia honey : unifloral, light colour, aromatic & accent pepped out of forest. Musard creamy honey : set honey, preference of honey lovers across the world for its subtle consistency and delicate texture. Black honey : black honey comes from jumbul tree, an exotic variety & good for digestive system. Mountain honey : the light golden honey collected by the bees from the mountain trees & flowers in the shivalik reason of india. Unique in taste & value. Sunflower honey : the light yellow color honey collected by the bees from the field of the sunflowers. eucalyptus honey: eucalyptus honey is collected from the organic eucalyputs tree by apis mellifera bee.

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