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Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser is one household appliance that uses electricity to heat the heating element and cooling the engine running. There dispenser that uses the principle of working with a heating element and cooling the engine (compressor). Dispenser or drinking water is one of the electrical or electronic equipment in which there is heater as its main component, heater serves to heat the water in the reservoir tube, heater usually has about 200-300 watts of power. Heater can heat the water contained in the dispenser. Typically contain 19 liters of water dispensers, which were placed on a gallon.

Dispenser is usually used for cooking water. Currently there are dispensers that can heat water and cool water. Dispenser that can cool the water used to cool the engine cooling water. A refrigerator is usually called a compressor cooling.

Dispenser is used to cool and heat the water in the gallon size of approximately 19 liters. Dispenser in the top of the tube are made of steel stenles the outer tube wrapped around the copper pipe sizes 1/4 which serves to cool the water. The outer tube winding pipe can be likened to an evaporator in the refrigerator or air conditioner.
The useful function of the heater to heat the water in the tube, the water will flow / exit through the red tap for hot water in the tube produces a pressure. While the cold water faucet out of the blue based on the gravity.


There is some kind of Water Dispenser Type:
1. Usually the dispenser dispensers that do not have a heating element and cooling the engine. Dispenser can be used only to fetch water from the gallon only.
2. Dispenser Hot and Normal. The dispenser that does not have a heating and cooling machinery. Dispenser can be used only for cooking or heating water, and take plain water (not hot and not cold) from the gallon.
3. Hot and Extra Hot dispenser, the dispenser can be used to heat water and boil water.
4. Hot and Cold Dispenser, the dispenser can be used to heat water and cool water. If you want to heat water, dispenser uses the working principle of the heating element (heater). If you want to cool the water dispenser uses the principle of element cooling (fan or refrigan)

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