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mangos farms narsari (margesh)

mangos farms narsari (margesh)

Here by we introduce you to our new a Mango Saplings product a ..
Step :1
We get a mango budding
We interconnect the branch of a mango tree with the budding, wrap plastic around the joint so that the joint gets support & becomes stronger.

Step :2
Now, we get this entire budding that is before inter-jointed with a branch is kept in a sapling bag.

Step: 3
After the buds that are inter-jointed are placed in sapling bags & kept in rows & columns in an open ground.
They are kept there for over eight-nine months so that they develop properly & grow until the height of three-four feet.

Now the product is completely ready to get delivered to our beloved customers.
The cycle goes on & we get over you the major verities of mango saplings like:
1. Kesar
2. Rajapuri
3. Desheri
4. Aphoos etc
Not only above given but also we get you many more different verities of mango sapling.
Mango Sapling becomes a mango tree & its examples

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Delivery Time : eniy time

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