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Inter Cooler

An intercooler’s purpose is to cool air that has compressed in either a turbo or supercharger. When air is compressed its temperature rises drastically, upwards of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and becomes less dense and less oxygen rich. An intercooler is an essence a heat exchanger, like your radiator. There are 2 main types of intercoolers air to air and air to water. An air to air intercooler uses outside air to transfer heat, while a air to water uses water to transfer heat. In an air to air intercooler cool air passes through the intercooler tubes heating both the tubes and eventually the cooling fins. At the same time air from the outside passes through the fins of the intercooler, the heat from the tubes and fins is transferred to the air passing by on the outside. When it comes to an air to air intercooler setup there are different locations setups, different inlet and outlet configurations and different sizes. Locations for a front mount intercooler include, side mount intercooler and top mount intercooler.

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