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From Kutch, Gujarat, we are the credible Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of the Bentonite across the globe. Processed as per the highest industrial standards, our Bentonite is deeply appreciated for the precise formulation, high performance and long shelf life. We make it available in excellent packaging at the most competitive prices.


More About Bentonite :
Bentonite is a clay mineral predominantly consisting of mineral Montmorillonite mixed with some related minerals like Nontronite and Beidellite. These are three layered Aluminosilicate with molecules of water between layers. For natural Sodium Bentonite, exchangeable sodium cations are predominant, rather than other cations like calcium, magnesium etc. Similarly in Calcium Bentonite, calcium cations are predominant. In fact in all Bentonite available in the world, the sodium variety has high swelling and gelling properties along with good viscosity and liquid limit.

The Bentonite found in the Kutch region of India is of igneous origin. It was formed millions of years ago, possibly from the volcanic ash falling in stagnant saline water in semi-arid conditions. Due to the natural characteristics of these particular volcanic ashes, the chemical composition of this Bentonite is somewhat different from the Bentonite available in the rest of the world. Most of these deposits are of natural sodium Bentonite with higher iron content which gives them their darker colour. Due to very fine particle size, this Bentonite shows extra-ordinary swelling capacity and bonding powers. These differences mean that the Bentonite finds the most number of uses in various industries throughout the world.



  • Foundry : Our product for foundry application is an unique blending of Sodium and Calcium based Bentonite. It is extraordinary solution for foundry sand binding and it can also withstand higher temperature since it contain more percentages of metallic i.e.: Alumina and Ferrous contain. It offers more superior thermal durability.
  • Iron Ore Pelletising : Our product for Iron Ore pelletising is unique Sodium based Bentonite. It is an extraordinary solution for Iron Ore Pellet binding and it can also withstand higher temperature.
  • Drilling Fluids : Well Drilling remains one of the largest volume market for Bentonite. The important characteristics of this type of Bentonite are Mud yield, Gel Strength and wall building properties. We also offer tailor made products upon request.
  • Construction and Civil Engineering : We offer premium quality Speciality Bentonite for Civil Engineering application. Our products have excellent Thixotropy properties, Super Viscosifier, Best suspension agent, Good Filtration control and High yield in water. This grade is also available as per tailor made specification.
  • Electrical Earthing : Bentonite is widely accepted for the purpose of improving ground conductance in electrical earthing. Our product enhances the connection between earth rod and ground.
  • Water Proofing : We offer premium quality Speciality Bentonite for Water Proofing application. Our products have excellent Thixotropy properties, Super Viscosifier, Best suspension agent, Good Filtration control and High yield in water. This grade is available in Powder and Granules with tailor made specifications.
  • Agriculture : We offer a series of products for agricultural application.
  • Pesticides : We offer a series of products for pesticide in Powder and Granules form.
  • Animal Feed : We offer series of Brands for Animal Feed ( Pellet Binder, Binder of Micro Nutrients and Toxin Binders – Ready to mix with feed). These grades are also available up-on tailor made specifications.
  • Cat Litter : Bentonite, Attapulgite, Diatomite and Silica Based cat litter are available. We also offer OEM services with various flavours and grain sizes.
  • Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Medical Applications : We offer Pure Montmorillonite, Magnesium Silicate and Alumino silicates.
  • Paper : We offer pure form of Bentonite for Paper application. The performance of our Paper grade Bentonite has very large surface area ( 700 to 800 M2 /g) when fully dispersed.

  • Packaging Type : Plastic Bags, Poly Bags
  • Whiteness : 0-50%
  • Type : Bentonite
  • Application : Decorative Items, Gift Items, Making Toys
  • Material : Bentonite Clay
  • Style : Wet
  • Form : Powder
  • Features : Effective, Moisture Proof, Safe To Use
  • Color : Brown
  • Packaging size : 25kg

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