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Organic Musk Melon

Organic Musk Melon

The organic musk melon present in the company is completely organic. This richly tasting muskmelon is fully filled with tons of nutritional values such as proteins, fibers, vitamins and so on. The quality of this organic muskmelon is 100% pesticide free giving you no chance to complain. A compelling quality control is done at various stages of the process. This ensures that the organic musk melon produce is safe to consume and free from pesticides.

These juicy musk melons are rich in nutrients that help the body, enhance its immunity system. You can make a juice or eat it in pieces, but the amazing level of taste is assured.


Nutrition Fact


Muskmelons are rich in nutrients that are required to enhance the growth of the body. In one of musk melon juice, there are numerous nutrients constitutes those are namely – 14.4g of carbohydrates , 28mg of sodium, 120% of vitamin C and 128% of Vitamin A .

Health Benfits
Regular consumption of Musk melons control the pressure of blood since they are rich in potassium. It also reduces the risk of eye threatening diseases such as cataract.
Organic Musk melon milk shake

Ingredients – Vanilla essence, chopped organic musk melons, vanilla ice cream, milk
1. Put chopped organic muskmelons in a jar
2. Add vanilla essence and milk
3. Blend it well
4. Pour the mixture in a glass, add ice cream
5. Serve with a smile


Serve with dry fruits or fruits

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