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Garbage Bag

Nd that hustle into public controversy public events, ended in the power rationality. Although we can not say that 80 million yuan to buy garbage bags must have a problem, but the program is the obvious flaws --- not included in of law in the private sector in public opinion in the congress, have become the new normal, authorities or powers who, if still uphold the supremacy of power, government officials mouth big heart big hands big bad habits, being criticized, being exposed, challenged, being chased select "one behind." eighteen fourth plenary session of the chinese advance to the normal rule of law track. General secretary xi jinping, the rule of law in the decision regarding the description stressed that "the world of things, it is easy to legislate, and difficult method of inevitable." so that "law legislation, has committed and will be applied; make out, the only line not return." as a law enforcement body, the government should work on the rule of law in orbit. "comprehensively promote open government, to promote decision-making publicly, perform publicly, manage public hangzhou management committee last year to buy garbage bags spent more than 8000 yuan. Recently, hangzhou, hangzhou people's congress standing group considered the npc financial and economic committee of the accounts department focused review of 2014 report of the working conditions. Hangzhou bulk cement office only 16 staff, the annual official reception expenses reached 356,50
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