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Stainess Steel Cut Wire Shot (SUS304/430)

Stainess Steel Cut Wire Shot (SUS304/430)

Stainess steel cut wire shot
Cylindrical - As Cut
G1 Conditioned
G2 Double Conditioned
G3 Spherical Conditioned

Stainless steel cut wire shot is cut from stainless steel wire. The respective length of the grain is equivalent to the diameter. Stainless steel cut wire is available as cut or conditioned. By rounding the cylinder edges a conditioned grain is created, classified in the grain shapes G1 (rounded edges), G2 (almost spherical grain) and G3 (spherical grain).
Stainless steel cut wire is used for cleaning and peening applications where ferrous contamination canât be tolerated. It produces a very bright surface, maintains its shape longer then cast abrasives and it produces a dust free surface. 
We offer Stainless Steel Cut Wire Shots in different grades like 410, 430 & 304 according to the customers need. The products is mainly used for surface treatment of copper work pieces, aluminum work pieces, zinc work pieces, stainless steel work pieces and so on. The products have the following advantages including gloss effect, showing metal original color, non rust after surface treatment. We need not acid washing to remove rust. Meanwhile, it can also decrease cost.

  • Type : SUS 304/430

Additional Information:

Payment Terms : L/C, T/T

Minimum Order Quantity : 2 Metric Ton

Packaging Details : 25 kgs per bag

Delivery Time : 10 days

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