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Cats Eye Gemstones

Cats Eye Gemstones


Ketu is a Shadow Planet. Ketu is also called as the South Node or Dragon’s Tail. When the benefic effects of Ketu are enhanced through Cat’s Eye, people wearing it become more spiritual and focused. Cat’s Eye is very helpful for people who are directionless, unable to take decisions, skeptical, superstitious, suspicious and having false notions and doubts. Ketu teaches the person true meaning of life. People wearing Cat’s Eye get spiritual growth while enjoying comforts of the material world. Cat’s Eye removes tensions and disappointments in life.


 Ketu is the significator of salvation, detachment, renunciation, liberation, enlightenment and past life karma. Cat’s Eye is beneficial for people who need more focus, concentration, peace of mind and clarity of thoughts. It also enhances the intuitive power of the wearer and protects from untoward incidences, punishments and natural calamities. Cat’s Eye brings fame and fortune. Cat’s Eye is beneficial especially for people having Kaal Sarp Dosh.


Cat’s Eye is beneficial for people associated with professions related to Alternate Treatments, Energy Healing, Meditation, Spiritual Teaching, Psychic Practices, Trainings, Mentoring, Studies, Mantra Healing and Leadership.


Cat’s Eye can be worn to heal ailments related to Leucoderma, Pimples, Chicken Pox, Measles, Skin Eruptions, Infections, Burns, Wound, Injuries, Itching, Stress and Lack of Concentration.


Details :

  • Planet Represented: Ketu
  • Day: Saturday or Tuesday


Scientific Properties

  • Type: Mineral
  • Family: Chrysoberyl
  • Color(s): Golden-Yellow, Green-Yellow, Green-Brownish
  • Hardness: 8½
  • Density: 3.70 - 3.78
  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic, Thick Table, Under grown Triplets
  • Chemical Composition: BeAl2O4
  • Transparency: Transparent to Opaque
  • Refractive Index: 1.746 - 1.763
  • Double Refraction: +0.007 to 0.011
  • Dispersion: 0.015 (0.011)

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