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Coral Gemstones

Coral Gemstones

Mars is the Army Chief in planetary cabinet. When the benefic effects of Mars are enhanced through Red Coral the people wearing it get victory and success in all spheres of life. Red Coral boosts courage, leadership qualities, confidence and makes the person energetic. Most of the successful leaders in the world have well positioned Mars. As a result they have been able to achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions. People wearing Red Coral have strong determination to overcome obstacles and accept challenges in life.


Red Coral gives victory over enemies, court cases, legal issues, disputes and success in competition. Red Coral also helps the wearer to get rid of loans and debts. Mars is called Bhumiputra, significator of land; hence people who wear Red Coral get benefits from land and property. Red Coral brings prosperity in life, harmony in relationship and gives physical strength, youthfulness, energy and passion.


Red Coral is beneficial for people associated with professions related to Defense, Armed Forces, Police, Weapons, Fire Fighting, Leadership, Property, Surgery, Electricity and Sweets.


Red Coral can be worn to heal ailments related to Blood, Muscles, Bone Marrow, Cancer, Immune System, Boils, Chicken Pox, Piles, Menstrual Disorders, Anemia, Vitality and Surgery.


Details :

  • Planet Represented: Mars
  • Day: Tuesday


Scientific Properties:

  • Type: Organic
  • Family: Organic
  • Color(s): Red, Pink, White, Orange
  • Moh’s Hardness: 3-4
  • Density: 2.60-2.70
  • Crystal System: Trigonal, Microcrystalline
  • Chemical Composition: CaCO3
  • Transparency: Transparent to Opaque
  • Refractive Index: 1.485 - 1.658
  • Double Refraction: -0.160 to -0.172
  • Dispersion: Absent

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