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Diamond Gemstones

Diamond Gemstones

Venus is the key planet to bestow luxuries and prosperity. When the benefic effects of Venus are enhanced through Diamond, the people wearing it get comforts, pleasure, luxurious life, partnership, love, romance and happiness. Diamond is considered as the King of Gems and is also accepted as the most precious gem. People wearing Diamond enjoy the grandeur and magnificent lifestyle. People with favorable Venus tend to live a glamorous life. Diamond fulfills the materialistic gratification and worldly desires of the wearer.


Venus is a female planet. It indicates beauty, attraction, lust, sexuality, pleasure, fashion and association with females. Wearing Diamond helps males in finding a good life partner and maintains contented physical relation in married life. Diamond promises the best of worldly pleasures to the wearer, like luxury cars, well furnished and beautifully decorated homes, jewellery, designer clothes, expensive items, elite social contacts and rich lifestyle.


Diamond is beneficial for people associated with professions related to Beauty, Fashion, Cosmetics, Designing, Spa, Salon, Garments, Gems, Jewellery, Decoration, Photography, Modeling, Movies and Singing.


Diamond can be worn to heal ailments related to Sperms, Sexuality, Genitals, Diabetes, Infertility, Reproductive System, Urine and Venereal Diseases.


Details :

  • Planet Represented: Venus
  • Day: Friday


Scientific Properties:

  • Type: Mineral
  • Family: Diamond
  • Color(s): Transparent with varying shades of all colors
  • Hardness: 10
  • Density: 3.51-3.53
  • Crystal System: Cubic
  • Chemical Composition:C
  • Transparency: Transparent
  • Refractive Index: 2.417
  • Double Refraction: Absent
  • Dispersion: 0.044

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