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Other Products / Services

Our Complete range of products are Fischer Tropsch, micronized, Chemicals, bitumen modifier and candle additives.


KPL deals in a wide range of chemicals sourced from reputed global manufacturers.

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bitumen modifier

Brief Description - SASOBIT®, is a unique additive which helps towards value addition of Bitumen properties by way of enhancing Softening point, Penetration values, Resilient Modulus Values & Viscosity at 60 Deg C. - Sasobit, is also globally well known WMA additive, which help reduces the working temperature of asphalt by 10-30°C and also reduces fumes emissions during mixing paving operations. - The product is free from ash-forming materials (metals) and contains no hetero-atoms such as chlorine, sulphur, nitrogen and oxygen. As a result, Sasobit® has excellent oxidation and aging stability and may be stored indefinitely. Sasobit is a unique additive which can help achieve WMA at the same time help upgrade VG-30 to VG-40 grade bitumen properties and still help pave at low temperature

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candle additives

Brief Description - Sasols ultra pure & RAL certified Paraffin Waxes & Wax Blends for Candles help provide wide options for making candles for Powder Pressing, Tealights, Moulding, Extrusion, Container Filling, Over-dipping, Drawing, Dipping, Wicks, etc. - During molding of candles additives like - VARAPLUS 06, helps provide required hardness, flexibility, fragrance retention and better removal of the moulded candle with better surface gloss.

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Exfoliating Agents

DECORNEL covers a range of selected synthetic wax beads. Decornel is available in different particle sizes, tailor made for Scrub exfoliation applications. Sasol's innovative DECORNEL can outperform polyethylene beads in face, hand and foot scrubs as well as toothpaste. DECORNEL state-of-the-art material offer: - removes dead cells smoothly - tailor-made for beauty products - exceedingly pure - non-polar, white, odourless, tasteless

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Fischer Tropsch

Brief description - sasolwax® fischer-tropsch waxes are synthetically produced from natural gas resulting in consistently high quality.sasolwax® fischer-tropsch waxes consist mainly of saturated, straight chain hydrocarbons with almost no branches. This linear structure of sasolwax® fischer-tropsch waxes is responsible for the many desirable properties.the combination of a high melting point, low viscosity and excellent hardness, even at elevated temperatures, provides superior performance in a variety of applications. - most of sasolwax® fischer-tropsch produced are fda compliant - ft waxes are available in pastille, flakes, coarse powder & micronised powder forms

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Brief Description - Sasol Wax offers a range of micronized waxes. The spherical particles of micronized sprayed powders and the low surface tension of Sasolwax Fischer-Tropsch waxes ensure excellent slip performance in a variety of different types of inks & coatings. Sasol's micronized waxes are produced in a variety of particle sizes by the use of the spraying process - Sasolwax Spray grades provide improved resistance to rubbing and scuffing - Sasolwax Spray grades also serve as good slip agents which help replace PTFE waxes User Industries - Inks (Solvent Water based Inks, Offset Liquid) - Paints (Powder & Coil Coating)

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