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  • Waterproof Plywood

    Waterproof Plywood

    Our company is ranked among reputed Manufacturers & Suppliers of Waterproof Plywood made from premium wood that is treated to be decay, moisture and termite resistant. Buyers can get Waterproof Plywood from us at competitive prices and expect on time delivery of orders. We guarantee our Waterproof ...

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  • Veneer


    Venner are thin sheets which are pasted over plywood to give it a new texture as well as protection.

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  • Sunmica


    Sunmica is pasted over plywood to give it a desioured look and better nail strength. It also increases thickness and protection capacity of plywood. Sunmica and plywood are like made for each other.

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  • Shuttering Plywood

    Shuttering Plywood

    shuttering ply is as strong as steel and is made under high temperature and pressure

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  • Particle Boards

    Particle Boards

    Our Particle Boards are made from plywood particles pasted over at high temperature and pressure. Size and thickness are like any other plywood.

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  • Mdf Boards

    Mdf Boards

    Mdf boards or medium density fibre boards are made from ply cuttings and are often seen as alternate of plywood. size and thickness are same as any plywood.

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  • Marine ply

    Marine ply

    These waterproof plies are used for ships and those objects which remain in water for long time

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  • Hardwood ply

    Hardwood ply

    Hardwood cores are used to make hardwood ply. In plywood arena hard means more weight more strength , everything more, size and thickness are like any other plywood.

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  • Hard Moisture Resistant Plywood

    Hard Moisture Resistant Plywood

    We are ranked among well-known Manufacturers & Suppliers of premium Hard Moisture Resistant Plywood. Treated to be moisture, decay and termite resistant, our Hard Moisture Resistant Plywood is suitable for damp places. Buyers can get Hard Moisture Resistant Plywood from us as per requirement. We ...

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  • Flush Doors

    Flush Doors

    Flush doors comes in thickness of 30mm , 32mm or plus and size are expressed in inches. These are made from hardwood species such as mango, pine etc.

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  • Flexi ply

    Flexi ply

    It is available in thickness of 4mm to 12mm and is used to make curved furnitures to give it a beautiful shape. These ply are in high demand due to its unique shape and less availability.

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  • Film Faced Plywood

    Film Faced Plywood

    Film faced plywood or shuttering plywood are made from hardwood cores which are pressed under high temperature and pressure. standard for these ply is 12mm , 8*4 size and 34 kg or less. Generally red film is at top layer to give it a better water fighting strength and is thus used for building roof ...

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  • Decorative Plywood

    Decorative Plywood

    Decorative ply name itself explains the ply. Top layers of ply or Decorative face are pasted over plywood to give it a beautiful look.

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  • Bwr Ply

    Bwr Ply

    Boiling water resistant ply is a water proof ply which can tolerate water upto a larger extent. These are better than moisture resistant ply. Size and thickness are like any other plywood.

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  • Alternate Ply

    Alternate Ply

    Alternate layer of hard and soft cores are used to make this ply. This structure make it enough strong to see it as an alternate to hard plywood. These ply are well stronger and denser than soft wood made ply. size and thickness are like any other plywood

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  • Alternate Moisture Resistant Plywood

    Alternate Moisture Resistant Plywood

    Chemically treated to be termite and decay resistant, our Alternate Moisture Resistant Plywood is of unmatched standard. Our company is one of the leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of a wide range of Alternate Moisture Resistant Plywood. Suitable for decorating commercial as well as residential ...

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  • MR Plywood Board

    MR Plywood Board

    We manufacture and supply a wide variety of MR Plywood Board that is widely used for making different types of wooden products like doors, windows, etc. Our MR Plywood Board is moisture resistant plywood that is appreciated for termite resistance, superb finish and weather resistance. Our MR ...

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  • Plywood Door

    Plywood Door

    We are involved in providing a wide array of exclusively designed and durable Plywood Door. It is available in the thickness of 32mm and size depends on the requirement of the clients. Made from high quality plywood, our Plywood Door is appreciated for termite resistance, high strength, ...

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  • Commercial Plywood Sheets

    Commercial Plywood Sheets

    Commercial Plywood Sheets that we offer are made using the finest quality plywood. Our Commercial Plywood Sheets are available in thickness of 4mm to 18mm and size of 84 to 63. As the name suggests, these Commercial Plywood Sheets are widely used for various commercial applications and in ...

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  • Mr Plywood

    Mr Plywood

    MR plywood is moisture resistant plywood. It has better water resistance capacity to commercial plywood. It is often pronounced as semi water proof ply. size and thickness are like any other plywood.

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