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kstdc red sandalwood powder

kstdc red sandalwood powder

Benefits of Using Red Sandalwood powder  for Skin and redsandalwood powder for glowing skin and to heal acne. Red sandalwood is a wonderful natural ingredient used for skincare. We tell you 10 amazing benefits of including it in your daily skincare routine. red sandalwood is one of the best natural ingredients that provide sufficient nourishment to our skin

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Traditional  way natural beauty  to red sandalwood:Red sandalwood powder  or ‘Rakta Chandana’ is known to be one of the most reliable natural beauty ingredients. When used as a face pack or face mask, it can benefit our skin in a number of ways. This article will focus on the advantages of using red sandalwood for skincare practice and how to do it the right way. Read on below to know more:A skin that is healthy-looking outside is basically properly nourished inside and cells.  Gives a Radiant Complexion .If your dry, rough skin is making your complexion dull and lifeless, red sandalwood can be your savior Blotchy skin with lots of blemishes and old marks of breakouts looks really unattractive. Get a perfectly even tone by opting for red sandalwoodHelps in ExfoliationRed sandalwood can help you immensely in exfoliating the upper dead skin cell layer and revealing a fresh layer of skin underneath. All you need to do is make an exfoliating mask by mixing 2 tablespoons of nicely mashed, ripe papaya with 1 tablespoon of red sandalwood powder. Scrub your skin with it lightly and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Controls Oiliness of SkinAn oily skin with large pores can lead to unwanted breakouts. Make a simple face pack by adding the juice of a fresh lemon to 1 tablespoon of red sandalwood powder and apply it all over your face to regulate the secretion of sebum and make the pores tighter as well.Removes Ugly Sun TanIn case you are trying hard to get rid of your month-old sun tan, red sandalwood can be a smart choice indeed. Take 2 tablespoons of red sandalwood powder and add equal amount of plain curd or fresh cucumber juice to it. Blend well and use it all over the troubled area of the skin.Fades Pigmentation Marks AwayIf your pigmentation marks are stealing your self-confidence, give red sandalwood a try to get rid of them. Prepare a smooth paste by blending 2 teaspoons of red sandalwood powder with 2 tablespoons of raw fresh milk and use it every day on the marks for the best results.Clears Up Acne and Pimples A simple paste of red sandalwood powder and plain water or rose water can help you a lot in preventing those irritating acne and pimples. Red sandalwood (Raktha Chandan) is a variety of sandalwood that differs in the most basic way. Its red and it does not have fragrance. There are many benefits of using red sandalwood powder for the skin. Include it in to your skin care regimen to get glowing and even skin tone naturally. It is very beneficial in the treatment of various skin related problems like acne, skin rashes, sunburn, blemishes, premature ageing etc. Given below are some tips on how to use red sandalwood powder for skin.

If you want to achieve glowing skin with even skin tone then mix five teaspoons of red sandalwood powder with three teaspoons of almond oil and five tablespoons of coconut milk. Apply it over your skin and leave on for about 20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

Red sandalwood powder is also loaded with anti ageing, detoxifying and wrinkle reducing properties. To use all these properties, just mix four teaspoons of red sandalwood powder with two teaspoons of strong chamomile tea (steeped and cooled). Apply it over your skin. This mask is also good for sun damaged skin.

Make your skin clean, nourished and glowing with a mixture of half teaspoon of red sandalwood powder, two teaspoons of green gramme flour, half teaspoon of neem (Azadirachta indica) powder and half teaspoon of honey. Apply the resultant mixture over your skin. Leave it on for about half an hour and then rinse off with cool water.

Use a combination of red sandalwood powder, rose water and glycerin to get rid of wrinkles naturally.

Use skin friendly properties of red sandalwood powder to get rid of acne. Make a mixture by combining two teaspoons each of red sandalwood powder and honey with one teaspoon of water. Apply this paste on the affected area.


Red sandalwood powder is also loaded with natural skin soothing properties. Add one teaspoon of red sandalwood powder to your favourite massage oil. Use it and feel the difference!

Obtained from the wood of the sandalwood tree, sandalwood powder is considered very important in Asia, especially in countries like India. The tree that it is obtained from is native to India, and due to a unique fragrance the powder emits, it finds a place in many religious ceremonies of the country.

Besides its use in religious ceremonies, the powder is also used in alternative medicine practices, like aromatherapy, and as an ingredient in various cosmetic products. It is also antimicrobial in nature, which makes it a good choice for facial skin care. 

Being soft, wood from the sandalwood tree is also used in woodworking. In the following paragraphs, we take a look at the various uses that this powder can be put to. 

Sandalwood Powder

The wood required for preparing the powder is obtained from the layer present between the inner wood and outer bark. As stated earlier, the powder of this wood is used in the treatment of skin. Our skin faces many problems such as acne, oiliness, suntan, etc., which can be treated with the help of sandalwood powder.

This powder is mostly used for skin treatment. Common problems such as acne, oily skin, pimples, and wrinkles can be cured with sandalwood.
Acne: A face pack made with sandalwood powder can help cure the problem of acne, if used regularly. This face pack is made by mixing rose water in 2 tablespoons of powder. The pack should be left on the face for about 15 minutes and washed off with cold water. Regular use of this paste should reduce the problem of acne in a gradual manner.
Suntan: The treatment of suntan is carried out by preparing a face pack with the following ingredients: sandalwood, rose water, cucumber and yogurt. All the ingredients need to be mixed together in order to make a face pack. This face pack should be left for 20 minutes and then washed off.
Oily Skin Treatment: The treatment of oily skin is possible by means of sandalwood. Just like the above mentioned procedures, a face pack should be used to reduce the oiliness. One can also think about adding tomato juice to sandalwood powder. A face mask made with these ingredients needs to be applied on the face for 15 minutes and then washed off.
Red Sandalwood Powder
Red sandalwood is referred to by the name Rakta Chandana in India, and is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicines. It has antiseptic properties and is, therefore, used in wound-healing. Acne treatment is another use of red sandalwood powder. A detoxifying facial can be prepared by mixing clay mud and Ashwagandha with this powder. It is also used to give maroon color to soaps. The proportion of this powder for every pound of soap needs to be 1 teaspoon.

Where to Buy Sandalwood Powder?
Sandalwood powder is available in stores that sell organic and natural products. However, it is also possible to find this powder online. One should check whether the products one purchases are authentic and contain pure sandalwood. Adulterated/impure powders do not produce the desired effect in treatment of skin problems mentioned above. It is advisable to read the reviews of sandalwood powder products carefully. A comparative study of companies offering these products should also prove to be useful.


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Extract. Though oil can be extracted by pressing the inner bark of the red sandalwood tree using water or alcohol, most of the extracted product available in the market is in powder form. Today, red sandalwood has diminished in terms of supply due to certain regulations that place this tree among the endangered species list as they take hundreds of years to grow.Buying Red Sandalwood vs. White Sandalwood

Both red and white sandalwood possess equally effective elements that help nourish the skin and the body. When buying either red or white sandalwood however, it might be easily observed that the latter is more available in the market and in different varieties. Red sandalwood, due to certain regulatory issues, has been diminishing in supply as such it is considered more expensive than the white variety. When buying white sandalwood, however, it is also important to note that the East Indian sandalwood has a distinctive aroma than the Coastal and Australian sandalwood varieties. Whichever the case maybe in the plight to weigh in between red sandalwood vs. white sandalwood, one thing remains the same—a user gets to enjoy both aesthetic and medicinal quality that trump down other synthetic products in the market today.

  • Soothing Massage or Reflexology : Pimple Remover
  • Facial Toner : Anti-Aging - Acne and Scar Removal . Prickly Heat Relief -Sunburn
  • Relief : Skin Whitener

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