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Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil

'HYDROL' is a yellow clear fluid has high viscosity index,-so it maintains appropriate viscosity range at various temperatures. Maintaining a consistent viscosity at different temperatures is vital for proper lubrication and equipment protection. The ability of lubricating oil to flow readily at cold temperatures and still provide protection at warmen temperatures is know as its viscosity index. The higher the viscosity index, the more likely an oil will remain within appropriate viscosity range at various tures. 


Applications : 'HYDROL' can be used in wide variety of equipment including hydraulic systems on farm implements, lleetand construction applications, mining equipment, hydraulic presses, machine tools, oil lubricated electric motors and generators, palletizers, gear sets requiring and premium quality hydraulic oil. SYM hydro can also be used for those compressors which call fora non-detergent motor oil. 


Features :

  • High Viscosity Index
  • Eliminate Metal-to-Metal Contact
  • Reduction in Wear
  • BY Eliminating Metal Contact Increase Life of Equipment 


  • Feature : Durable
  • Application : Automobiles
  • Available Packaging : 20Ltr, 50 Ltr & 210Ltr
  • Grade : Technical
  • Pour Point : -9 Degree C
  • Grade : 32/46/68/100/150/320/460
  • Property : Fire-Resistant

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