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  • Pork Blade Steak Frozen

    With a great fat to meat ratio these chops are best when slow cooked or braised. The fat in between the meat adds an unmatched flavor to the meat.

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  • Seabass Fillet Wild Caught Frozen

    Australian Sea bass has flesh which is a pearly-pink when raw and white when cooked. Barramundi has firm flesh with large, moist flakes and a sweet, buttery flavor profile. Australian Sea bass can be bakes, broiled, deep fried, pan fried or sautéed. It Can be used in variety of cuisines due to ...

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  • Ganesh Pani Puri

    Why take the trouble of making puris? Ganesh pani puri serves you one of the best home-made crispy and crunchy puris! Available in a packs of 50 pieces.

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  • Black Forest Back Bacon

    A special  Germanic Cut this Bacon with a high meat content. This bacon is extra smoked for a much fuller flavor.   Choice of Stuffing (sold loose)   Ratatouille (veg), ...

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  • Shoulder Roast Frozen

    The top of the shoulder from the shoulder socket up to the spine excluding the picnic. This is the cut that is best for pulled pork but it can also be cut into steaks, stew meat, roasts, and ground for patties and sausage.There no bones or skin, therefore wastage is minimal.

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  • Chicken Frozen Frankfurter

    Chicken Frankfurter 200gms (Frozen) Refined and elegant, delicate, flavorful, these frankfurters can be server with mustard, in various pâtés, soufflés, or frankfurter pie recipes. Made of tender finely grounded ...

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  • Pekin Duck Dressed Raw

    Pekin Duck Dressed (Raw) Pekin, the most popular duck breed, offers lean, succulent, delicately flavored meat. Pekin duck has a firm, richly flavoured meat and a natural marbling of fat to ensure it stays succulent and moist during cooking ...

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