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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Carpet Binding Chemicals, Wool Chemicals, stain removing agents, binding chemicals and crease inhibitors.

Carpet Binding Chemicals

  • Application Carpet Cleaning
  • Purity 99%
  • Form Liquid
  • Packaging Type Glass Bottle
  • Feature Balanced Composition
  • Packaging Size 200ml, 500ml

In order to meet clients requirements with the best, we bring forth Carpet Binding Chemicals having remarkable qualities. Due to their high standards Carpet Binding Chemicals are widely appreciated. Further, Carpet Binding Chemicals are used in textile industry for color fixing and brightening. We offer Carpet Binding Chemicals in qualitative packaging material to ensure that uncontaminated products reach to the clients end. Highlights : Conform to the standards of ISO 9001 Non-toxic Longer shelf life Do not harm quality of fabric Non-allergic

  • Availability
    Name Description
    Poly Bond - SBR LIQ. Styrene Butadyne Latex Emulsion, Non-ionic, for Carpet Back Coating for all Fibres.
    Mega Bond - SBR Styrene Butadyne Latex Emulsion, Non-ionic, for Carpet Back Coating for all Fibres.
    Mega Bond - 4203 Self Thickening Anionic Acrylic Co-Polymer for Back Coating for all Fibres.
    Eco Bond Sh Grade Pvac Emulsion Used Mainly for Back Coating of Carpet of all Fibres for Economy.
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Wool Chemicals

  • Purity 99%
  • Use Chemical
  • Packing 1kg/Aluminum foil bag or as customer requirement
  • Features Long functional life
  • Advantage Easy to Use
  • Performance Optimum

Our valued clients can avail from us high quality Wool Chemicals at an economical price. Owing to their high standards and optimum quality Wool Chemicals are widely appreciated and demanded as well. Further, Wool Chemicals are used for soften the wool and to make it resistant to piling & shrinkage. Highlights : Non-toxic Odor less Eco-friendly Longer shelf life

  • Availability
    Name Description
    MEGALUBE-A554 Carding lubricant for wool, applied during wool top making.
    Imparts outstanding friction properties on wool such as low dynamic and static friction.
    Reduces fibre breakage & damage to a great extent during wool carding/combing.
    Provides sufficient electrostatic protection.
    Due to outstanding fibre lubricity & electrostatic protection, a reproducible gain in hauteur is realised leading to clear economic advantage.
    MEGALUBE-3001 Synthetic lubricant for all spinning processes, particularly suitable for wool & its blends.
    Imparts balance stick-slip properties thereby resulting in very good yarn evenness & high spinning yield.
    Provides an effective protection against electrostatic charges.
    MEGATEX - 570 A specially designed antistate for woollen semi-worsted & worsted spinning.
    Very good antistatic effect even at low relative humidity.
    Has got high resistance to heat.
    MEGATEX - PSG General purpose antistatic lubricant.
    Provide balance lubrication properties during carding combing, blending, drawing & spinning.
    Helps to reduce frictional differences between different fibres in blends.
    Equally effective on dyed or undyed fibres.
    Can be used on cotton/semi worsted/worsted system.
    Gives excellent antistatic protection even in low humid conditions.
    MEGOLAN - FBOL Detergent scouring agent with wetting & stain removing action
    MEGANOL - WS Concentrated wetting cum scouring agent.
    Ensures effective removal of grease from the surface of wool fibres.
    MEGANOL - TT100 Concentrated versatile wetting cum emulsifier.
    An efficient scouring agent.
    MEGANOL - EVA An APEO free concentrated scouring agent for greasy wool excellent degreasing action & hence enhanced whiteness.
    MEGANOL - NIT Universal wetting agent & detergent specially useful for wool scouring.
    MEGAPAN-D PASTE Anionic detergent.
    MEGACLEAN-XNI Scouring agent & stain remover containing solvents with good scouring & fat dissolving properties.
    MEGANOL-OT Paste Powerful wetting rewetting agent.
    MEGANOL - OT Liq. Powerful wetting rewetting agent.
    STABIFIX - AWNI Stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide bath for cellulosic & wool.
    SEQUEST - 540 SE Dispersing, complexing & extracting & demineralising agent.
    MEGA DE FOAM-SD Dearating & foam suppressant used in scouring, bleaching, dyeing of cellulosic, synthetic & wool.
    MEGA DE FOAM-SD Conc. Dearating & foam suppressant used in scouring, bleaching, dyeing of cellulosic, synthetic & wool.
    GREEN ACID-100 Acetic Acid replacement, Eco friendly & neutraliser.
    MEGAGEN-SMKI Liq. Levelling agent for 1:2 metal complex and chrome dye stuff.
    MEGAGEN-FBSE Liq. Levelling agent.
    MEGAGEN - NH Liq. Levelling agent for use in dyeing polyamide with acid, chrome and metal complex dye stuffs.
    RETAREX - ANI Liq. Cationic retarder for use with basic dyestuff in dyeing of acrylic fibres.
    MEGAGEN - VI Liq. Dispersing agent with co-acervative action used in printing of polyester polyamide, silk, vigoureoux printing of woollen & polyester tops, continuous dyeing of wool & polyamide goods.
    MEGAPOUR - DK Washing off agent for prints on polyamide & wool.
    MEGAPOUR - CWI Washing off agent for "Chemical Washing" of woollen carpets give brilliant whiteground.
    MPCryl - 4203 Liq. Self thicknening acrylic co-polymer for carpet back coating.
    Poly Bond�® CB 200 Liq. Styrene butadiene based latex binder for carpet back coating.
    ECO BOND�® PVAc based polymer for carpet back coating.
    MEGAMINE - 404 Imparts softness & full handle to substrate like flock, top, woven, knit & made up wear.
    Give good antistatic properties which is very effective for blends having polyester & acrylic.
    Low yellowing.
    Substantive & thermostable
    MEGAMINE - SL Imparts good softness with lubricity & antistatic property.
    Does not influence degree of whiteners shade tone, fastness.
    MEGAMINE - EQ Imparts excellent softness can be applied by padding as well as exhaust method.
    MEGAMINE - GT A smoothening agent for after dyeing of wool tops & yarns meant for weaving as well as knitting.
    Reduces fibre to metal friction by nearly 50%
    Gives high surface smoothness with antistatic effects.
    Imparts soft & supple handle.
    TEXFIL - F Styrene butadiene latex softner for hydrophillicity & smoothness.
    DURAPERM - HCN Conc. Macro amino elastomer for best surface smoothness.
    DURAPERM - EL Amino functional elastomer micro elastomer emulsion for permanent finishing effect.
    DURAPERM - MF Amino functional polysiloxane in the form of micro emulsion for permanent finishing effects.
    DURAPERM - EP Epoxy micro aminosilicon for permanent finish effects.
    VELVATEX - PY Conc. For extrasoft, supple peachy effect, with smoothness, brightness & shine.
    DURAPERM - RGM Silicon containing softner for extra fall, smoothness & bounciness.

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