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Tailor Scissors

Tailor Scissors

We bring forth a wide range of Tailor Scissors that is used by clients. We are one of the leading fabric cutting scissors exporters from India. We export all sorts of dressmaking scissors having sharp cutting-edge. These Tailor Scissors have an excellent grip. The handle of scissors is obtainable in brass as well as in iron. The blade of scissors is made of high quality Carbonated Steel. Our Tailor Scissors are great for cutting garment quality leather or fabric and patterns. We are also manufacturing file scissors and ear handle scissors.The Tailor Scissors are available in many types and styles to suit the requirements of the user. We offer our Tailor Scissors at market leading prices. The Tailor Scissors we offer are resistant to corrosion and rust. Our Tailor Scissors are offered under the Brand Name �Steel�.

  • Type : Tailor Scissors
  • Handle Material : Blade Material
  • Color : Dark Brown, Golden, Grey
  • Length : 10m-30m
  • Condition : New
  • Size : Multiple Size
  • Material : Brass
  • Application : Tailar
  • Finishing : Polished
  • Handle Type : Bent
  • Use : Fabric cutting
  • Packing Type : Box

Products Images

Image Details
German Regular Scissor
  • German Regular Scissor

    The German Regular Scissor we offer is sharp and has an excellent construction. These German Regular Scissors are available sat market leading prices. They are used extensively due to their superior quality.

    Product TypeTailored Scissor
    Metal TypeBrass Handle Carbonated Blade
    AttributesSharp Edge, Durable
    Avaliable in Size8â, 9â ,10â

Regular Scissor
  • Regular Scissor

    The Regular Scissor is available in many types and models. These Regular Scissor are sharp and retain their features even after a long time. The Regular Scissor has an excellent finish.

    Product TypeTailored Scissor
    Metal TypeAvaliable in Brass, Iron, Aluminum handle
    AttributesSharp Edge, Tailored Friendley
    Avaliable in Size10â, 11"

File Scissor
  • File Scissor

    The File Scissors are used by clients everywhere. The File Scissor is sharp and retains the features for a long time. The File Scissors are available for clients at reasonable prices.

    Product TypeTailored Scissor
    Metal TypeBrass handle & Aluminum handle file scissor
    AttributesEco-friendly, Durable, Sharp Edge
    Avaliable in Size10â

  • 12" Special Scissor

    The 12" Special Scissor have an excellent construction and are used due to their superior quality. These 12" Special Scissor have a long life and are easy to use. These scissors are sharp and ideal for cutting heavy fabrics.

    Product TypeTailored Scissor
    Metal TypeBrass Handle Earness Scissor
    AttributesSharp edge, Heavy fabric cutting
    Avaliable in SizeNickle

Bright Scissor
  • Bright Scissor

    The Bright Scissor we offer has excellent construction and design. They have a comfortable grip and are easy to use. These Bright Scissor are available at market leading prices.

    Product TypeBrass, Stainless Steel
    Metal TypeIron
    AttributesEco-Friendly,100% Rust Free, Lead Free
    Avaliable in SizeNickle

Zigzag Scissor
  • Zigzag Scissor

    The Zigzag Scissor is available at market leading prices and is easy to use. These Zigzag Scissors are sharp and are made of high quality materials.

    Product TypeTailored Scissor
    Metal TypeIron
    AttributesSharp edge, Zig Zag cutting of fabric as well as paper
    Avaliable in SizeNickle

Preferred Due To
  • High quality
  • Excellent grip
  • Sharp
  • Easy to use
Used By
  • Tailors
  • Stitching centers
  • Designing facilities
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