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Zeolite Powder

Zeolite Powder

ZEOLITE are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly use as commercial absorbent and catalyst. Zeolite use in Petrochemicals, Neuclear & Bio Gas Industries and also use in detergent, Cat Litter & Construction. Zeolite have a Porous structure, this is also use for maintained quality of Soil for Agriculture purpose.

Application :

: As a Catalysis

: For Gas Separation

: For Ion Exchange

: In Agriculture
. Odour Control
. Confined Animal Environmental Control
. Livestock Feed Additives

: As Horticulture
. Nurseries, Greenhouses
. Floriculture
. Vegetable Herbs
. Foilage
. Tree and Shrub Transplanting
. Turf grass soil amendment
. Reclamation, revegetation, landscaping
. Silviculture {Forestry, tree Plantations}

: Aquaculture
. Ammonia Filtration in Fish hatcheries
. Biofilter Media

: Household Products
. Household odour control
. Pet odour control

: Industrial Products
. Absorbents for oil and spills
. Gas separations

: Water Treatment
. Water Filtration
. Heavy Metal Removal
. Swimming Pools

: Wastewater Treatment
. AmmoniaAmmonium removal in muncipal sludgewastewater
. Heavy metal removal
. Septic leach fields

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