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Leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Retailer of Handheld LED Search Light (MSS-1010 L) and Handheld Halogen Search Light (MSS -1009 H).

Handheld LED Search Light (MSS-1010 L)

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Piece
  • LED 10W
  • Body Black / ABS
  • Dimensions (Approx) 215X152X167mm
  • Weight (approx) 800gms
  • Range (Approx) Up to 1000m with binocular
  • Battery *Lithium Battery Rechargeable
  • Battery Charger External
  • Charging Input AC Charging:AC220V50Hz
  • Solar Charging Optionally Available
  • Operation (3 Step Mode) Strong, Super Strong, Flasher
  • Operation Time 5-6 hours
  • Charging Time (Approx) (Approx)- 6-7 hours
  • Handle Handle is integral part of the Body
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap Yes
  • Soft Touch Switches Yes
  • Model MSS- 1010L
  • Origin India
  • Brand Name Metscan

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Handheld Halogen Search Light (MSS -1009 H)

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 1 Piece
  • Material ABS Plastic
  • Color Black
  • Lighting Type Halogen Bulb
  • Lighting Color Yellow
  • Range Up to 1km approx.
  • Thickness 2mm Min.
  • Model (MSS -1009 H)
  • Origin India
  • Brand Name Metscan

MSS 1009H is single piece construction made of super Tough glass.   Special Features: Dimming Feature: The full glow of the light can be varied by way of pressing the corresponding membrane switch in upward or downward direction. Single System ON membrane switch is provided. The color of the system ON LED indicate the status, of the battery (i.e. Green color for OK battery status, Yellow color for advanced low battery status, Red color for low battery status.). Mode switch is provided to select timer, Continuous Mode. The color of LED glow is corresponding to the mode return in the same color (i.e. Red color is for the Time Mode, Green color is for the Coutinous Mode.). The timer of Auto Flashing can be increased or decreased by pressing the corresponding membrane switch in upward or downward direction. Charging status shall be indicated by Tri color LED embedded in the panel. (Red LED will glow when battery is on normal charge, Amber LED will glow when battery is Trickle charge and blinking Green LED will glow battery is fully charge.  Special Dimming Feature for INDOOR use.  Emergency Lighting Effect for INDOOR use.  Auto flashing feature with variable ON/OFF time.  Advance low battery status indication is also provided with Long delayed   audio beep.  DC blown fuse indicator is provided on the panel.  Timer and continuous mode.   Technical Data: 160mm dia x 250 mm length fitted with specially designed deep parabola reflector having 50/55 watt, 12 volt halogen lamp, 12 volts & 7AH rechargeable maintenance free battery. Micro controller based HHSL Suitable for 55w Halogen Lamp Operating range of about 1000mt. (i.e. 1km) Beam distance of 350 mt. (minimum) so as to dated group of persons. Shock resistance front glass. SMPS inbuilt charger working on from 90v to 270v. Membrane switches (Gold plated tracks with minimum life of 1 million operations) back lit with distinct color LED.

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