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AAC Lightweight Blocks

AAC Lightweight Blocks

AAC Lightweight Blocks is a popular European construction material (nearly 75 years old) that has gained prominence in India from the past two decades. Providing the best acoustic insulation, heat resistance, thermal insulation and termite resistance, these AAC Lightweight Blocks are economical and available in variety of forms such as roof panels. wall panels, lintels and blocks.

Highlights :

  • An environmental friendly construction material
  • Less energy consumption
  • The manufacturing process, if uses these AAC Lightweight Blocks, emits no pollutants and creates no by-products or toxic waste products
  • AAC Lightweight Blocks are manufactured from common and abundant natural raw materials
  • The finished product is twice the volume of the raw materials used, making it extremely resource-efficient

Construction :
AAC Lightweight Blocks are made using Portland cement which is mixed with quartz (silica/pfa), water and an aeration agent, poured into a mold. The reaction between aeration agent and concrete causes millions of microscopic bubbles to form, expanding the concrete. That gives the AAC Lightweight Blocks unique properties. These blocks are then cut to size and formed by steam-curing in a pressurized chamber (autoclave). The result is a non-organic, non-toxic, airtight material that can be used for walling.

AAC Lightweight Blocks Environmental impact :

Clay Bricks : One clay brick consumes 3. 2 kg of top soil one square feet of carpet area with clay brick walling will consume 25.5 kg of top soil. One square feet of carpet area with clay bricks will consume 8 kg of coal one square feet of carpet area will emit 17.6 kg of co2, due to high density.

Green AAC Blocks : No top soil consumed uses fly ash which is a thermal power plant waste

AAC Lightweight Blocks Social Impact :

Clay Bricks :
  • Unorganized sector (child labor rampant in unorganized sector)
  • Does not contribute to government exchequer (taxes)
  • Unhealthy working conditions, a major health hazard due to toxic gases

Green AAC Blocks :
  • Contributes to government taxes in form of central excise, vat & octroi
  • Organized sector with state-of-the-art factory facility
  • Organized sector : Nation building through corporate governance, statutory labour and hr practices.

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