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  • Construction Spatula

    Construction Spatula

    Stainless steel spatula 100 mm 100mm, plastic handle It is used for applying to large surfaces to be treated and subsequent leveling of putty and other finishing solutions. The profiled spatula blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel, which has undergone special heat treatment to give it the ...

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  • High Quality Paint Roller

    High Quality Paint Roller

    Sample : Paint roller green (available more colors)   Material : Polyacryl, pile 18 mm, diameter 44 mm, green It is used for applying varnishes, paints, enamels and other paints on various surfaces The fur coat, made of velor on a woven basis, is securely attached to the equipment by the ...

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  • Laundry Detergent Powder

    Laundry Detergent Powder

    We are manufacturer of washing powder in russia and are able to supply you with the required volume of washing powder. we can do label production for you. please take a look at the attached pictures of packing. the powder is high quality made according to the german technology and quality standards ...

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  • Day Old Chicken Trucks

    Day Old Chicken Trucks

    Day Old chicken truck with climatic automated equipment to provide suitable air conditions for small day old chicks. Capacity from 30 000 up to 120 000 chicks. More details available at your request.

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  • Wheat Grains

    Wheat Grains

    Specification & Price at request : Wheat Grain Standard export quality Test Weight ISO 7971-3 79.8 kghl Protein (on dry basis no. 5.7) ISO 20483 13.43 % Moisture Infratec 14.0 % Wet Gluten ISO 21415-2 27.0 % Foreign Matter Visual analysis 0.36 % Gluten Index ICC 155 89 Bug Damaged Grains Visual ...

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  • Yellow Corn Seeds

    Yellow Corn Seeds

    Samples of quality, other quality at request : Corn for human and animal consumption with the following specs (sgs report): 3-rd grade - test weight applied iso 7971-3 74.2 kghl Foreign matter : Visual analysis 0.31 % grain admixture Visual analysis 2.39 % alive insects presence Visual analysis 1 ...

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  • Milk Powder

    Milk Powder

    Fat, % 0.50 Protein 35.6 Acidity 17.7 Packing in 25 kg paper or polyethylene bags Minimum order 20 tonn

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  • Steel Construction Reinforcement Bars

    Steel Construction Reinforcement Bars

    Construction Steel Reinforcement Bars Volume to be agreed according to the buyer's need. available up from 1 000 mt/month, per 12 month.   Details : Length of each stick can be 6 m or 11, 7 m. Diameter 8-18 mm   Packing (bound) : in container or in cargo vessel Scope of delivery per ...

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  • Corn Distilled Grain Powder

    Corn Distilled Grain Powder

    Dry Distillers Grains (Distillers Feed Corn, [Dry Distillers Grains with Solubles, DDGS]) Actual quality indications (%) : Moisture -  min 7, 0, max 10 Crude Protein(dry matter) -  34, 0 Oil -  4, 8 Fiber -  7, 2 Ash -  3, 8 Ferrous admixture -  0, 00 Odour -  ...

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  • Wheat Flour

    Wheat Flour

    Non GMO Wheat flour All Purpose Flour : High Grade - .55% ash First Grade - .75% ash Second Grade - 1.25% ash Weights (in kgs.) 50 kgs. PP Bags Sample Specification :   Quality indications -  Wheat Baking Flour Highest Grade Falling Number -  250-400 GDI (Gluten Deformation Index) ...

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  • Packaged Water Bottles

    Packaged Water Bottles

    Purest Drinking Water from a deep spring can be produced e by us in diverse packaging sizes 0.5/1.5/5 L bottles and perfectly match up with the specific demands of the clients.

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  • Wheat Semolina

    Wheat Semolina

    Specification : Wheat semolina Fat - 1.0 Protein - 12.0 Energy value - 325 kCal Storage time - 7 months

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  • Yeast Powder

    Yeast Powder

    Feed Dry Inactive Yeast Powder Actual quality indications (%) : Moisture 10-12, 0 max. Crude Protein (dry matter) 43, 0 Crude Protein Bernstein method (dry matter) 34, 0 Starch 10% Ash, non soluble 1, 0 max Ferrous admixture (particles size less then 2.0mm per 1 kg) 20, 0 pcs. max. Salmonella per ...

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  • Construction Sand

    Construction Sand

    Buyers can order our products in bulk, as we maintain year around availability. In addition, we have reliable transportation system to make timely delivery. High-quality and certified inputs are used for the production of our finished goods. We, as a trusted name, only select the certified vendors ...

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  • Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

    Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

    Granulated dry beet bagasse (pulp) : Moisture - 13% max Protein - 7 min 10 max % No salmonella or E.coli

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  • Sunflower Oil

    Sunflower Oil

    We have automated warehousing system to keep pace with the latest trends and to meet the clients' requirements. Our professionals make certain that the products are kept safely. In order to keep the products in safe condition during handling, warehousing and transit, we make use of only premium ...

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  • Frozen Chicken Meat

    Frozen Chicken Meat

    Whole and cut Eviscerated clean bodies Extra product: Golden Chicken Bodies, well-fed with corn feed only. Calibration possible at extra pricer Price at request.

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