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Bhui Amla Extract

Bhui Amla Extract

Bhuiamla is a small size herbal shrub that belongs from Phyllanthaceae family. It grows all over the world due to its anti- bacterial property. It grows in China, India, Nigeria, Guam and Philippines. Bhuiamla is an ayurvadic home remedy for liver disease and bladder stones and its taste is bitter and astringent. It is found in coastal areas and grows upto 70 cm in height. Its bark is light green in color and very smooth in nature. Its fruits are small in size and smooth capsules that contains seeds. Its flowers are pale green in color. The whole plant of Bhuiamla is used to make medicines.

Other Names of Bhuiamla : Child Pick-A-Back, Amli, Arranca-Pedras, Bhonya, Bhoomi Amalaki, Bhui-Amla, Bhumi Amla, Bhuimy Amali, Bhuin Amla, Bhumyamalaki, Brise Pierre, Cane Peas Senna, Casse-Pierre, Chancapiedra, Chanca-Piedra Blanca, Creole Senna, Des Dos, Dukong Anak, Elrageig, Erva-Pombinha, Evatbimi, Graine En Bas Fivre, Graine-En-Bas-Feuille, Hurricane , Jar-Amla, Jar Amla, Kizha Nelli, Mapatan, Meniran, Niruri, Para-Parai Mi, Paraparai Mi, Pei, Phyllanto, Phyllanthus Amarus, Phyllanthus Carolinianus, Phyllanthus Fraternus, Phyllanthus Lathyroides, Phyllanthus Lonphali, Phyllanthus Sellowianus, Pierre De Chanca, Pombinha, Punarnava, Quebra Pedra, Quebrapedra, Quinina Criolla, Quinine , Rami Buah, Sacha Foster, Sasha Foster, Seed On The Leaf, Semence Dans La Feuille, Shka-Nin-Du, Shatter Stone, Stone Breaker, Stone-Breaker, Stonebreaker, Tamalaka, Viernes Santo, Bhuianvalah.

Various Health Benefits of Bhuiamla (Phyllanthus Urinaria) :

  • Bhuiamla is used to treat urinary tract disorder, constipations, loss of appetite.
  • It is also used for the treatment of intestinal gas problems, liver problems and gonorrhea.
  • Phyllanthus Urinaria also helps in treating kidney stones, inflammatory disease including swelling and pain.
  • It can also be used dysentery, tumors, bronchitis, miscarriage and stomachache, and colic.
  • It is also used for treating common cold, hepatitis, urethra ovarian, swine flu, itching and malaria.
  • Bhuiamla is also used to treat gallstones, typhoids, tuberculosis, cough and fever.
  • It is also used for disease of sexual transmission, caterpillar, thirst and dizziness.
  • It is also helps in fluid retention, jaundice, wounds and spasms.
  • It is also used for lowering the blood sugar and increasing urine.

  • Botanical Name of Bhuiamla : Phyllanthus Urinaria

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