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Access Raised Floors

Access Raised Floors

All of our products are engineered and manufactured to exact tolerances in manufacturing facilities located in China. The facilities are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality and environmental management certified. All of our products go through rigorous independently certified testing in compliance with leading standards and testing procedures. In addition, NGBPS performs all tests to international norms which require whole system tests using understructure rather than panel only tests. We constantly examine the latest manufacturing technologies and materials to improve future product offerings.
Detailed Product Description  
All Steel Access Floor panels are epoxy coated unitized shells consisting of a flat steel top sheet welded to a formed steel bottom sheet filled with a highly controlled mixture of lightweight cement. Manufactured to exact tolerances, these non-combustible rigid, solid panels deliver the ultimate in strength, durability, and acoustic performance.
      The safe working load or design load for the panels are equal to the concentrated load

      Zinc whisker free

      Lightweight for ease of handling

      Excellent grounding and electrical continuity

      Full range of factory applied finishes

      Completely non-combustible

      Interchangeable with Concore, Perforated and Grate panels

      Available in 24" and 60cm sizes
With three standard load performance grades and complete interchange ability with Concore, Perforated and Grate airflow panels, these panels coupled with an extensive selection of under structure supports and floor finishes are suitable for a wide range of applications from typical data/computer centers to tele communication rooms, mission critical facilities, electronic assembly areas, and general purpose equipment applications.

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