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Kold Aisle Containment Curtains

Kold Aisle Containment Curtains

There has been a great deal of buzz lately throughout the data center industry concerning cold aisle containment systems. Cold aisle containment enhances the hot aisle/cold aisle design by retaining the cold air in the cold aisle. By closing off the ends of the cold aisles, it stops the cold air from escaping. This provides more consistent inlet temperatures to the servers while helping the CRAC units to operate more efficiently with higher inlet temperatures.

The hot-aisle /cold-aisle design is a long-standing data center best practice. It requires lining up server racks in alternating rows with cold-air intakes all facing one aisle and hot-air exhausts facing the other. Over the past several years, it became the de facto standard. But as server densities have increased, efficiency gains have consequently eroded.

In a typical data center that is configured using hot aisles and cold aisles, the cold air from the cold aisles wraps around the ends of the aisles and mixes with the hot air before it has a chance to get to the CRAC. This lowers the exhaust air temperature before it returns to the CRAC inlet. Lower CRAC return temperatures cause the CRACs to short cycle which causes additional inefficiencies and higher energy costs to operate. 

With so much effort underway to improve the efficiency of data centers, cold aisle plastic curtains are one of the proven ways to accomplish this. Storage vendor NetApp uses similar curtains in their data center and says that curtains alone save them 1 million kWh of energy per year. One of the USA Yahoo data centers uses them as well. 

The KoldAisle Curtain system by NGBPS helps to retain the cold air in the cold aisle therefore making the data center more efficient. Depending on the size and environmental specifics of individual data centers, the cooling requirements and energy costs could be reduced by up to 30%. 

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Cut Energy Costs and Provide More Efficient Cooling and Air Flow!

Save energy! KoldAir Curtains stop cold air loss to keep those cold aisles cold.
Stop CRAC short-cycling by raising the CRAC inlet temperature.
Use in hot aisles for ceiling return configurations.
Provide more efficient hot aisle/cold aisle isolation.
Static-dissipative, fire retardant, specially formulated vinyl that meets cleanroom requirements.
Hardware is custom made to fit each application.


Fire suppression has always been the roadblock to aisle containment. NGBPS has developed a solution to enable the installation of containment around gas or water based suppression systems.

To address fire safety concerns, curtains are attached to ceiling with heat-sensitive fusable links. 
- Thermal Fuse-link for Sprinkler Suppression
- ElectroMechanical Fuse-link for Gas Suppression


Curtain Material
ESD Safe Seiden Crystal Anti-Static PVC
Anti-Static property and fire retardency
Easily attached with T-bar brackets to ceilings
Meets ASTM E-84: NFPA Class A & UBC Class 1 Flame Spread and Smoke Density Standards
NFPA 701 compliant
Available Colors: Clear, Black, Yellow

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