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We offer the best product range of and Inusap Powder.

Inusap Powder

  • Shelf Life 3 Years
  • Composition A Natural mixture of Chicory plant and Sapindaceae & Saponaria Plant
  • Broilers and Layers 300 gm/ Ton of Feed Or As directed by the Veterinarian Presentation
  • pack Size 5kg, 25 Kg Kraft Paper Bag
  • Foam Powder
  • Purity 99%

Inusap is a unique combination of Inulin and Saponin which acts as a Gut regulator, natural antibacterial, antiprotozoal and antioxidant. Inusap also helps to bind the ammonia. Inulin present in Inusap helps to maintain the lining of the gut and have gut regulatory action. Thereby improves the nutrient absorption in the gut. Inulin also improves the Calcium and Phosphorus absorption in the gut. Also, Inulin acts as a prebiotic (food for good bacteria) thereby helps to improve the growth of the beneficial microflora of the gut. Inulin also helps to boost the function of the saponin.The saponin present in the Inusap acts as a gut regulator and helps to improve the gut lining of the intestine. Saponins also help to deactivate the urease enzyme responsible for the formation of ammonia. Dosage- Breeders.   Benefits : Improves gut health Improves gut lining of the intestine Improves FCR Proper utilization of nutrients Enhance nutrient absorption in the gut Act as a natural antibacterial, antiprotozoal and antioxidant Improves Calcium and Phosphorus absorption Helps to reduce ammonia in the farm.

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