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We offer the best product range of Four Die Forging Device, Forging Machines, Horizontal Forging Machines, Automatic Cold Forming and Hydraulic Presses.

Four Die Forging Device

We are offering four die forging device. tyazhpressmash is the first one in the world to master in the production of 4-die forging device for hydraulic forging presses , which facilitate to increase 1.5-3 times forging efficiency in comparison with conventional 2-die forging. we are offering four die forging hammerdevices are mounted on hydraulic forging press as conventional forging dies. four die forging devices are used for forging of ingots and blanks from all ductile steel grades, alloys and non-ferrous metals. the device is designed for simultaneously four-side radial forging of ingots and billets in wide range of grades and shapes in hydraulic open-die forging press. benefits: use of 4 die forging device results in : -1.5-2.5 times increased efficiency of the forging process. -7-13% increased good metal yield due to reduction of surface defects and the number of blank heating times. -1.7-2.0 times decreased allowances thus allowing to save from 30 up to 70 kg of metal per 1 t of forged parts. Min. 1.5 times reduced power consumption per 1 t of forged parts -increase in metal recovery by 15-50 % via decreasing tolerances -energy savings by 2-4 times -improved structural isotropy of metal and its physical-chemical properties -wide range of steel grades and sectional shapes forgeable.

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Forging Machines

We are offering forging machines automatic forging systems and production lines: 1.1 automatic system for hot forming of m20-m36 nuts, bearing races, sleeves and gears model aka-o334.31, rated force of 2.5 mn 1.2 automatic production lines for hot forming of semi-finished bearing races, gears, sleeves, nuts and crosses model 324-21-100, rated force of 8.0 mn model 324-32-110, rated force of 15.0 mn model324-41-112, rated force of 25.0 mn 1.3 automatic production line for bore-hole sucker rods forming model 348-21-100 1.4 automatic production line for railway clamps forming type apc-4 1.5 automatic production line for manufacturing of t-head and binder bolts for railways fastening model 316-62-100, rated force of 2.0 mn 1.6 automatic production line for manufacturing of railway fastening spikes model 317-51-300, rated force 2.0 mn 1.7 cold former designed for production of m20-m24 bolts, ball pins etc. Model 0924-a, rated force 5.0 mn 1.8. 6-station cold former designed for production of piston pins, plug housings and other parts of the same type model 9035, rated force 3.15 mn 1.9 5-station cold formers designed for production of semi-finished nuts, bushes, rollers, etc. Model 937, rated force 5.0 mn model 939, rated force 8.0 mn 1.10 automatic system for forming of stepped roll-type parts, shafts and bushes model 346-31-100, rated force 15.0mn 1.11 automatic thread rolling machines model 255 model 2424c 1.12 automatic line for production of hexagon nuts model321-71-100, rated force 8.0 mn 1.13 automatic machinery system for production of bimetal band blanked parts model 0034, rated force 2.5 mn 1.14 special automatic machine for blanking parts from band material in rolls model, rated force 2.5 mn 1.15 8-station automatic sheet- presswork machines model 6138, rated force 6.3 mn model 613840, rated force 10.0 mn 1.16 automatic sheet- presswork machines with bottom drive model 6230-01, rated force 1.0 mn model 6232-01, rated force 1.6 mn model 6234-01, rated force 2.5 mn 1.17 special automatic nail making machine model acg-4.02, rated force 0.1 m

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Horizontal Forging Machines

We are offering horisontal forging machines. universal horizontal forging mahine with vertical parting dies and automatic blank feeding into die space and transfer of blanks from one die station to another. Model vb1134. the machine is intended for hot forming of forgings from cut-to-length blanks or rods in multiple impression dies.the machines can be used for the following technological operations: upsetting, semi-piercing, piercing, reduction, cutting, bending. the horizontal forging machine may operate in the following modes: single strokes, continuous strokes, set up.

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Automatic Cold Forming

We are offering automatic cold forming automatic cold-forrming complex for production of rollers, bushings and other parts. Model l346.31.100 the complex is designed for production of machine-building parts like stepped rollers, axels, bushes and other parts from sized roll material in coils by means of cold die forming.

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Hydraulic Presses

We are offering hydraulic presses hydraulic presses designed for hot die forging, reducing, extruding. model p2541 force 12.5 mn model p2547 force 50.0 mn model p3045f1 force 31.5 mn model p3847 force 50.0 mn.

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Rotary Swaging Machines

We are offering rotary swaging machines radialy swarging (forging) machine with cnc. Model vv4032s the machine is intended for hot forging of pieces such as multistepped solid and hollow shafts. This is an automatic machine with cnc for forging process. The machine can be incorporated in an automatic manufacturing line without any modifications introduced.

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