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Ophthalmic Strips

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 200 Box
  • Certification ISO 9001:2008
  • Color Blue, Green, Orange, Red

Ophthalmic strips are specialized medical devices that are applied to the surface of the eye for various purposes in ophthalmology. These thin, flexible, and usually transparent or semi-transparent strips are designed to deliver medication, provide lubrication, protect the eye, or aid in diagnostic tests. They are commonly used for conditions such as dry eye syndrome, conjunctivitis, corneal abrasions, and post-operative care following eye surgeries. Ophthalmic strips adhere to the eye and slowly dissolve or release their active ingredients, providing targeted therapeutic effects. They are an important tool in ophthalmic care, used by eye care professionals to improve eye health and comfort for patients.

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Ophthalmic Blades

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Box

Ophthalmic blades are specialized surgical instruments used in eye surgeries for precise and delicate incisions. These blades are designed to be extremely sharp and thin, allowing eye surgeons to create precise cuts in the cornea, sclera, or other eye tissues with minimal trauma. Ophthalmic blades come in various shapes and sizes, including straight, curved, and angled blades, to accommodate different surgical techniques and procedures. They are typically made of high-quality stainless steel or other materials that ensure durability and sharpness, and are disposable or reusable, depending on the surgical requirements. Ophthalmic blades are essential tools in various eye surgeries, such as cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, and glaucoma surgery, enabling eye surgeons to perform intricate and precise incisions for optimal surgical outcomes.

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Ophthalmic Sponges

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Box
  • Set Content 5 Piece
  • Usage Clinical

Ophthalmic sponges are specialized medical devices used in ophthalmology for various applications. These sponges are typically made of soft, absorbent materials and come in different shapes and sizes, such as round, rectangular, or triangular. They are used for tasks such as cleaning, irrigation, and applying medication to the eye. Ophthalmic sponges are commonly used during eye surgeries, diagnostic procedures, or in the management of eye conditions. They are designed to be gentle on the delicate eye tissues and are often disposable to maintain sterility. Ophthalmic sponges are an essential tool for eye care professionals, aiding in the safe and effective delivery of eye care treatments and procedures for patients.

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Ophthalmic Cannula

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100
  • Brand Name UZEONCE

Ophthalmic cannulas are specialized medical devices used in ophthalmology for various procedures. These small, thin, and hollow tubes are typically made of medical-grade materials and come in different sizes and shapes, such as straight or curved. Ophthalmic cannulas are used for tasks such as injecting or withdrawing fluids, delivering medication, or removing debris from the eye during surgeries or other ophthalmic procedures. They are designed to be precise and delicate to minimize trauma to the delicate eye tissues. Ophthalmic cannulas are commonly used by ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals to safely and effectively perform a wide range of procedures in the field of ophthalmology, contributing to improved patient outcomes and eye health.

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Sterilization Trays

1,000 - 4,500 /unit Get Latest Price
  • Min. Order (MOQ) 5 Piece(s)

expensive surgical instruments deserve to be looked after. Sterixx sterilization trays are a reliable, effective & proven solution to meet all your sterilization needs.

sterixx plastic sterilization trays are manufactured to provide optimal structural integrity, thereby ensuring that the trays last a higher number of sterilization cycles. The effectiveness of sterixx trays is enhanced by superior design which guarantees proper reach of the sterilizing agent used. Silicon mats and holders allow for proper storage and sterilization of the medical instruments while ensuring maximum space utilisation. The amber coloured lid facilitates easy viewing of the instruments. Sterixx sterilization trays are designed to suit all means of sterilization including steam, dry heat, ethylene oxide (eo), chemical and gamma.

siterixx trays have been designed after garnering invaluable feedback from our clients. Clients input is being used to continually upgrade and improve the product. The on-going emphasis on feedback based improvement distinguishes us from our competitors. Based on our ability to innovate we are targeting to be the premier plastic sterilization tray manufacturer and exporter, in this part of the world.

strict plastic sterilization trays offer best in class performance at unbeatable prices, making them the preferred choice of surgeons and hospitals. Medical personnel all over the world vouch for the efficacy of sterixx plastic sterilization trays.

sterixx, expects to be the leading brand in this niche industry. We are already the leading plastic sterilization tray exporter from india, which is a testament to our high quality standards and operational effectiveness of our sterilization trays.

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Skin Prep Razor Blade


Skin Prep Razor Blade

  • Stainless Steel, super sharp Razor Blade

  • Easy to use - no cuts no trauma

  • Ribbed body for firm grip

  • Blade Cover for protection

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Plastic Tweezer Serrated

Plastic Tweezer Serrated

  • Plastic Tweezers

  • General Purpose

  • Serrated Tips

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Plastic Tweezer Toothed


Plastic Tweezer Toothed

  • Plastic Tweezers

  • General Purpose

  • with Toothed 1x2 Tips

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Clamp Forceps (Wide)

Clamp Forceps (Wide)

  • Plastic Clamp with lock

  • Narrow/Wide Tips

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Prefilled Syringe

  • Premium injection grade quality sodium hyaluronate material

  • Opthically clear, highly cohesive, easy to aspirate

  • High Viscosity (100000-150000 m.pas at 250C) & High Molecular Weight (>2.8 Million Dalton)

  • Increased protection to corneal endothelium and ocular tissues

  • 1 ml volume in convenient pre-filled glass syringe with easy to peel blister packing

  • Sterile, pyrogen free, non-inflammatory, double filtered

  • Synthetic fermentation - no risk of viral infections

  • Store at room temperature - no need to refrigerate

For ease of instillation the product is supplied

  • Easy to peel, heat-sealed blister pack

  • Additional color coded syringe grip

  • 27G Angular Cannula

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Silicone Oil

  • Fractionated, sterile, pyrogen free solution

  • Indicated for prolonged retinal tamponade after retinal detachmentsurgery

  • Highly purified, long chain, Polydimethylsiloxane (PMDS)

  • Optically clear

  • Inert, non-toxic, non-inflammable

  • Reduced emulsification because of low level of reactive OH groups

  • Specific Gravity: 0.97

  • Refractive Index: 1.403 1.405

  • Available in Prefilled Syringe OR Vial

For ease of instillation the product is supplied

  • in 10 ml prefilled syringe

  • in a easy to peel, heat-sealed blister pack

  • with a robust, metal leur-lock tip

  • special Silicone Oil Cannula

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Perfluoro-n-octane Liquid

Perfluoro-n-octane Liquid

  • High vapour pressure.

  • Low surface tension and viscosity.

  • High specific gravity.

  • Chemically inert and free of preservative.


    • Density (g/cm3): 1.78

    • Kinetic viscosity at 25oC: 0.80

    • Vapour pressure (Ib/in): 0.81

    • Surface tension Dyn/cm: 15

    • Refractive index (25


    C): 1.28
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Tying Forceps Curved


Suture Tying Forceps Curved
with tying platform 6mm

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Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Devices

  • Min. Order (MOQ) 100 Box
  • Type Ophthalmic Equipment
  • Certification CE Certified
  • Application Eye Examination
  • Condition New
  • Country of Origin India

Ophthalmic viscoelastic devices commonly known as OVDs, are specialized instruments used in eye surgeries to maintain clear vision and protect delicate eye tissues during surgical procedures. These devices are composed of a viscous gel-like substance that provides lubrication and cushioning, helping to create space and protect the cornea, lens, and other structures of the eye during surgery.Ophthalmic viscoelastic devicesare essential tools in various ophthalmic surgeries, such as cataract surgery, corneal transplantation, and glaucoma surgery. They are designed to have specific properties, such as viscosity, cohesiveness, and dispersive properties, which make them ideal for different surgical techniques and situations. OVDs are crucial in ensuring optimal surgical outcomes, enhancing surgeon's precision, and promoting patient safety.

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Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops

  • Product Type Finished Product
  • Usage Clinical, Hospital
  • Packaging Size 10 ml Dropper Bottle
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