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Circuit Breaker

We offer the best product range of Miniature Circuit Breakers, Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker and Miniature Circuit Breaker.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

  • Feature High strength flame retardant PBT fibre class housing
  • Condition New
  • Availability Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Min. Order Quantity As per client requirement

Catering to varied electricity requirements, we bring forth precisely designed Miniature Circuit Breakers . The Miniature Circuit Breakers offered by us are made from superior quality materials using the latest techniques. Moreover, we sincerely follow the industry set norms while manufacturing Miniature Circuit Breakers. The Miniature Circuit Breakers are priced economically. Consequently, we have become a highly sought-after Miniature Circuit Breakers Manufacturer and Supplier in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Attributes High strength flame retardant PBT fibre class housing Silver inlaid copper contacts to ensure zero resistance and long life 13 plate arc-chute chamber for efficient arc quenching Precisely calibrated thermostatic bi-metal for closely controlled overload trip Sophisticated electro-magnetic release system for short-circuit protection which clears the fault in a few milliseconds Designed With Consideration To Thermal Overload Protection Magnetic Short-circuit Protection Suitable For Domestic & Non-inductive loads Heaters Ovens GLS Lamps Inductive loads Motors Air Conditioners Transformers Halogen & Sodium Vapor Lamps Fluorescent Lamps Availability Single Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Double Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Three Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker Four Pole Miniature Circuit Breaker 'SHALABH' MCB, a compact designed device to cope-up with complexities of modern electrical installations with high safety features to give protection against hazards in dual ways, i.e. Thermal Overload Protection Magnetic Short-circuit Protection A circuit breaker is both a circuit-breaking device which can make, withstand and break circuit whose intensity is at most equal to its normal current and a production device which can automatically break over-currents which may occur as a result of faults in installations. Over-currents are detected by three different devices Thermal for over loads, magnetic for short circuits and electronics for both thermal and magnetic releases which are usually combined (thermal and magnetic MCBs), use a tried and tested, low cost technology but provide less flexibility and adjustment than electronic release. Thermal release consist of a bimetallic strip which bends when heated beyond the normal operating values, thus releasing the lock which holds the contact. The reaction-time of a bimetallic strip is in reverse proportion to the magnitude of current. Tripping Characteristics 'SHALABH' MCBs are available with two types of tripping characteristics for different types of applications. Suitable for use in installations with a low and steady current generally for domestic and non-inductive loads like Heaters, Ovens, GLS Lamps, etc. Suitable for use in installations with high inrush current peaks which require closer overload protection. These include inductive loads such as Motors, Air Conditioners, Transformers, Halogen& Sodium, Vapor Lamps, Flourescent Lamps, etc. Energy Saving IS: 8828-1996 has recognized the growing importance of limiting power loss in switchgear devices and stipulate maximum permissible power loss values per pole for MCB. 'SHALABH 'MCBs have power loss figures of 30-70% of the stipulated values which contribute significantly to energy saving. Safety The terminal screws are well recessed to avoid any unpleasant accidents.The terminals are 'Finger-safe'. Simultaneous Tripping of all Phase in Multi-Poles Overloading or short-circuit trip in one phase causes simultaneous tripping in 'SHALABH' multiple MCBs, preventing damage due to single phasing especially in motor circuits. Vibration 'SHALABH' MCBs can withstand vibration limits upto 3 'g' continuous duty with the efficient latch mechanism. For practical applications like usage in locomotives and electric trains, mounting on generators and motors, etc., 'SHALABH' MCBs find maximum suitability. Backup Protection As per the wiring regulations, it is required that an over current protection device should be capable of making and breaking any over current upto and including the prospective short-circuit current at the point where the device is installed. 'SHALABH' MCBs are capable of making and breaking over current upto 10000A. Padlocking/Sealing Arrangements This arrangement is possible in both ON and OFF positions. This eliminates the hazards of closing when persons are working circuits as well as the nuisance of manual tripping when it is necessary. Execution Single Pole, Single Pole with Neutral, Double Pole, Triple Pole, Triple Pole with Neutral and Four Pole. Range 6A to 63 Ain B-Series for non-inductive Loads 0.5A to 63 Ain C-Series for inductive Loads Breaking Capacity 10000A for the complete range from 6 A to 63 A in Single and Multi-poles.

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Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

Our establishment in Roorkee(India) is well connected by varied modes of transport. Thus, we are capable of reaching patrons with ease. As we are instrumental in supplying excellent quality Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker, we are named amid the celebrated names in the industry.

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