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Skimmed Milk Powder

Skimmed Milk Powder

Param skimmed milk powder is made by spray drying of fresh pasteurized skimmed milk. It is light, healthy and 99% fat free. The light cream color, lump free milk powder has a pleasant flavor and is clean in taste. Collected from various hygienic dairy farms, Param skimmed milk powder is ideal for those individuals who want to include health in their daily diets and keep away from diseases. It is highly preferred as it completes the balanced diet chart of an individual without involving any unnecessary fats. The milk protein content is usually 34% and above. However, Param ensures that the protein content in its Skimmed Milk Powder is not less than 36 %.  






  • Skimmed powder milk can be kept handy if you stay far from the market place or if you do not have access to liquid milk
  • It works best for cakes, milk shakes, biscuits, muffins, waffles etc.
  • It works well to prepare curd
  • Carry it along with you when travelling.


Skimmed Milk Powder can be used in recipes where you may want to use fresh milk.


·         Cheese Macaroni


·         French toast


·         Soups


·         Bread or rice pudding


·         Pasta sauces


·         Mashed Potatoes


·         Cereal or muesli


·         Lasagna


·         Pancake


·         Smoothies 


Future Demand


The global demand of milk has grown in the last decade and so has the demand for skimmed milk powder has increased too. By 2020 the demand for milk will increase to 800 million tons. Emerging countries from the tropics will have major demand as they have not been traditional producers of milk. These countries will largely depend on import of skimmed milk powder which is easier to transport than liquid milk.


Product transportation


  • Domestic: For bulk orders, it is packed in heat sealed poly liners and paper coated HDPE woven sack.
  • International: For bulk orders, it is packed in multi-wall paper bag with separate heat sealed poly liner and water proof bags.


Param Dairy is one of the biggest skimmed milk supplier and exporter in IndiaPakistan, Dubai, Bangladesh, Algeria etc.


Available Packing:


  • 1KG Pouch (Food Grade)
  • 500g Pouch (Food Grade)
  • 25KG Bag HDPE Paper Laminated Bag with Inner Paper Liner & Poly Liner.


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