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Electric Actuators

Our Complete range of products are Mechanical Input Actuator, Actuator Systems and Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator.

Mechanical Input Actuator

  • Operating Temperature (F) -65° to +275°F
  • Operating Pressure (psi) 3,000 psi
  • Weight (lbs) 5 to 60 lbs
  • Flow Rate (GPM) 1 -20 GPM

Parker Aerospace mechanical input actuators have been the industry’s leading flight control actuators for over 40 years. Parker’s mechanical input actuators control primary and secondary flight controls for a safe and reliable means of translating mechanical input signals from the pilot into hydraulically powered output motion. The pilot input provides a mechanical input command to the hydraulic servo and mechanical linkage provides feedback to move the flight control surface to the desired position. The mechanical input positions the hydraulic control valve, which directs hydraulic pressure and flow to extend or retract the piston, thereby moving the aircraft flight control surface to the desired position. Our mechanical designs offer overload protection, fail safe features, ballistic tolerant capabilities, and optimized packaging to reduce weight and are known throughout the industry for providing reliable performance within customer specifications.

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Actuator Systems

  • Temperature Range (F) -65° to 275° F
  • Stroke Range Parker can design for stroke lengths up to 30 inches

Linear actuators consist of a piston and rod that move within a cylinder. The cylinder has two hydraulic ports; one for extension of the piston and rod and one port for retraction. When hydraulic fluid is directed to the extension port of the actuator, the piston moves to extend the rod out of the cylinder. When hydraulic fluid is directed to the retract port, the piston moves to retract the rod into the cylinder. The cylinder is “pinned” in two places, one fixed point and one translational point. As the piston rod extends and retracts, the translating point moves with it, providing motion control to accomplish tasks such as deploying thrust reversers or opening and closing doors. Actuators can be outfitted with locking mechanisms designed to hold the actuator in a desired position. This aids functionality and safety of the actuator. Parker has the capability to design an entire actuation system to meet your project requirements. Actuation systems incorporate all the necessary elements to keep a system clean and controlled, including filters, valving, and hydraulic lines. Multi-actuator systems, such as those required for thrust reverser applications, can also be synchronized using a shaft and worm gear system which ensures the system works together smoothly and safely.

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Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator

  • Temperature Range (F) -65F to 160F
  • Load Rating 1080 lbf to 15,000 lbf
  • Stroke Range 4.5 in to 21.9 in

Our horizontal stabilizer trim actuators (HSTAs) maintain the most optimum horizontal stabilizer surface on the airplane, improving fuel efficiency and reducing pilot workload. With over 25 years of HSTA experience, Parker has strong heritage in electromechanical HSTAs for aerospace commercial applications. Our broad experience and HSTA pedigree includes business jet, regional jet, and transport markets. Our HSTA designs meet the most stringent safety regulations driven by the certification authorities (FAA and EASA). In order to meet these safety requirements, the HSTA is designed as two actuators in one. The HSTA has two different load paths (ball screw and safety rod) connecting the stabilizer surface to the aircraft structure. The ball screw is driven by two electric brushless DC motors via a torque sum gear train. The HSTA has primary-load-activated passive brake (skewed roller) and an electric fail-safe electromechanical brake. The position of the stabilizer surface is captured via two rotary variable differential transformers (RVDTs). In case of a primary load path failure, the primary load path is locked in place and the load is transferred to the secondary load path.

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