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Industrial Valves

Our offered Product range includes Dual Flow Shutoff Valve, Anti-Ice Pressure Regulating Shut-Off Valve, FUEL SWING CHECK VALVES, Solenoid-Operated Refuel Shutoff Valve and Engine Feed Shutoff Valve.

Dual Flow Shutoff Valve

  • Operating Pressure (psig) 15 to 60 psig
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature (C) 85
  • Fluid Temperature Min (C) -55
  • Temperature Range (F) -67°F to 158°F

The dual flow shutoff valve (DFSOV) controls the nitrogen enriched air (NEA) flow to the fuel tanks of an aircraft as part of an inert gas generation system. The DFSOV is used for switching the NEA flow between off, low, medium and high flow. Its secondary but critical function is to prevent fuel and fuel vapor migration from the fuel tank back to the ASM when the system is not operating.

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Anti-Ice Pressure Regulating Shut-Off Valve

  • Minimum Operating Pressure (psig) 17 psia at 395ºF
  • Maximum Working Pressure (psig) 350 psia at 1016ºF
  • Proof Pressure Servo and Inlet: 655 psia at room temperature
  • Burst Pressure Servo and Inlet: 1404 psia at room temperature

The anti-ice pressure regulating shut-off valve is pneumatically operated. The valve is normally spring-loaded open. Pressurized servo air is fed to the valve from the solenoid bank in order to command the valve to shut-off or regulating mode. The anti-ice pressure regulating shut-off valve is mounted on the combustion outer casing within zone three of the engine. The pressure regulating shut-off valve has three modes of operation – OPEN, REGULATING, and CLOSED. When the regulating servo port and the shut-off servo port of the anti-ice pressure regulating shut-off valve are vented or pressurized by de-energizing or energizing the corresponding solenoid of the remote solenoid bank, each of the three modes of operation are realized. With an inlet pressure of more than 75 psig, and with the pressure regulating shut-off valve in REGULATING condition, the outlet pressure from the pressure regulating shut-off valve will be 75 psig, nominal.

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  • Dry Weight 0.35 lbs
  • Temperature Range (F) -67ºF to 185ºF
  • Operating Temperature (F) -58ºF to 131ºF
  • Internal Leak Rate 20 cc/min max at 5 psig outlet 20 cc/min max at 5 psig outlet

The valve is spring-loaded to the normally closed position to provide motive flow line isolation from downstream equipmentlines when the motive flow supply is non-operational. This elegantly simple design is extremely reliable and several variations of this valve have been produced by Parker for over 30 years. A fuel swing check valves is an ideal choice if surge pressures and any hammering effects are an important design consideration. This valve is typically installed horizontally and with the hinge up so that in the unlikely event the torsional spring should break, the valve shall fail close. With its low pressure drop and low leakage rate, this valve is an ideal choice when properly selected for the right application.

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Solenoid-Operated Refuel Shutoff Valve

  • Dry Weight (lbs) 0.89 lbs
  • Temperature Range (C) -67ºF to 185ºC
  • Fluid Temperature Min (C) -50ºC
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature (C) 55ºC

Refuel shutoff valves such as the one above are mounted to a vertical rib and are designed with several features that are required in today’s demanding aerospace needs (i.e. FAR25.981, windmilling & engine blade out). This style of valve is also designed to keep surge pressure low when the valve is commanded to shutoff, thus protecting any downstream equipment. With its low pressure drop and low leakage rate, this valve is an ideal choice when properly selected for the right application. The refuel shutoff valve is designed to operate in conjunction with a refuel control solenoid or pilot-operated float valve. When the aircraft is connected to a ground refueling source, refuel pressure and flow are routed to the inlet of the valve, allowing the fuel tanks to be filled. When the selected aircraft fuel quantity is reached, the fuel management system will command the refuel-control solenoid or pilot-operated float valve to close, thus commanding the refuel shutoff valve to the closed position.

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Engine Feed Shutoff Valve

  • Maximum Weight (lbs) 2.60 lb
  • Fuel temperature minimum (F) -58 deg F
  • Fuel temperature maximum (F) +160 deg F
  • Temperature Range (F) -67 deg F to +185 deg F ambient temperature

Engine feed shutoff valves are ball valves that are comprised of an aluminum alloy body assembly and ball, PTFE-based ball seats, and a stainless steel drive shaft. Each are installed with, and are operated by motor actuators that are powered at a nominal 28 VDC. Together, the engine feed shutoff valves and associated motor actuators provide a reliable, commanded capability to cut-off fuel flow to the engines within a few seconds. Each engine feed shutoff valve is installed in an engine feed fuel line to prevent hazardous quantities of fuel from flowing into designated fire zones in the vacells. A thermal relief valve is incorporated in the design that bridges between the outlet and inlet sides of the ball to prevent excessive pressure build-up due to thermal expansion of the fuel in the fuel lines following an engine shutdown.

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  • Operating Pressure (psi) 71 psi
  • Weight (lbs) 1.5 lbs
  • Fluid Type NSA 307110, MIL-PRF-83282, MIL-PRF-87257, MIL-PRF-5606
  • Temperature Range (F) -40 F to 203 F normal operation

The Parker Aerospace automatic bleed valve provides automatic detection and bleeding of air in a closed-hydraulic system without input from maintenance personnel. The device may be controlled directly through the aircraft's computing system.

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Solenoid Bank

  • Pressure Range (psig) 17.0 to 352.4 psi
  • Fluid Temperature Min (C) -54ºC (-65ºF)
  • Maximum Fluid Temperature (C) 204.44ºC (400ºF)
  • Proof Pressure 835 psig at room temperature

Incorporates a number of solenoid valves (two to six) that are used to control pneumatic valves. The solenoid bank is designed to be located in zone two of the engine. The solenoid valves are connected, via servo pipes, to individual pneumatic valves.

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Aircraft Shutoff Valve Volume Compensators

  • Number of Ports 6
  • Flow Rate (GPM) 2.3
  • Pressure Range (psi) 55
  • Cracking Pressure (psi) 65-95

Parker Aerospace's shutoff valvevolume compensator is a multi-function hydraulic valve. Its main purpose is to increase aircraft efficiency and provide pedal feedback to the pilot.

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  • Dry Weight 0.14 lbs
  • Temperature Range (F) -67ºF to 185ºF
  • Operating Temperature (F) -58ºF to 131ºF
  • Internal Leak Rate 55 cc/min max at 12 psig outlet
  • Operating Pressure (psig) 0 to 12 psig

Fuel check baffle valves are installed onto the ribs of the aircraft wing. With its low pressure drop, low leakage rate, and lightweight design, this valve is an ideal choice when properly selected for the right application. The fuel check baffle valve has an elegantly simple design, yet is extremely reliable and several variations of this check valve have been produced by Parker for over 30 years. To facilitate inboard fuel movement, a number of check valves are installed along the ribs that form the boundaries between these compartments. These are known as baffle check valves or flapper check valves.

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