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Our offered Product range includes time displays, NTP Master Servers, PTP Grand Master Systems, PTP Slave Network Time Client and Time Difference Measurement Systems.

time displays

hese displays provide a clear indication of time in a digital format and are suitable for any interior application where clearly presented time or date information is required. They can be used in conjunction with any time and frequency equipment with the required output interface. Single-sided display Seven segment high-intensity LED digits Choice of 4 digit or 6 digit Available in SerialTime code or NTP versions (see below) Excellent readability through clear acrylic window Wall or desk mounting options available Range of colours and styles available SerialTime code Display A wide range of interfaces is provided in the product allowing it to be used in conjunction with a master timing system and in a variety of applications. The display can be also operated in conjunction with an external Time Receiver. With this arrangement, the display only requires an AC power source to operate; the display will automatically acquire accurate time from the selected time source. External Time Receivers are available for most LF Time broadcast services and for reception of time from the Global Positioning System (GPS). Alternatively, the display can be manually configured to run autonomously via switches set in the case.

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NTP Master Servers

  • Applications MIL & Aerospace, Rail Transportation, Metro Rail Networks, Airports& ATC, Banking, Computer and Network Synchronization and SCADA

The NTP Master Servers provides highly accurate yet economic time distribution over local area networks (LAN) using Network Time Protocol (NTP). NTP is the industry-standard means of time distribution over discrete networks. Economic Multi-Port Stratum 1 Network Time Server Can act as both host and server in peer-to-peer mode Capable of synchronizing up to 3 discrete networks independently Optional Gigabit Ethernet and SFP cage connector for alternative media e.g. fiber optic Client system accuracy to within 50 μs

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PTP Grand Master Systems

  • Applications Military/Aerospace, Professional and Scientific applications, Telecommunications ,LTE

The PTP IEEE 1588 v2 Grand Master Clock generates and distributes precisely synchronized time across packet networks. Uses Precision Time Protocol (PTP) to IEEE-1588 v2 Distributes time to remote PTP clients and slaves over a network Multiple PTP Grand Master’s can be utilized for load sharing resilience and increased support Advanced hardware-generated timestamps GPS input source with multiple alternative inputs available Internal disciplined oscillator continues to provide stability if input source interrupted Rubidium or Quartz Oscillators Choice of auxiliary outputs include 1PPS & 10MHz, E1T1 and optional IRIG-B Additional customer-specified outputs also available Platforms: 19 inch 1U high rack mountable chassis OEM Board design also available providing Equipment Manufacturers with a fast track PTP implementation

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PTP Slave Network Time Client

he PTP Slave Network Time Client (IEEE 1588 v2) provides network operators and equipment manufacturers with a packet - based timing and synchronization solution. Standalone IEEE1588v2 PTP Client Precision timing circuits ensure stability in event of synchronization signal interruption. Integrated Web Server. LED System Status Multiple Outputs and customer specified options also available. Time of day (TOD) is also provided for support of legacy equipment using IRIG B, RS232, RS422 and RS485. OEM Board design also available providing Equipment Manufacturers with a fast track PTP implementation The PTP Slave Network Time Client converts the IEEE1588v2 protocol supplied across a packet network to traditional E1T1, 1PPS, 10MHz, IRIG B, Serial TOD and customer requested timing signals. The PTP Slave Network Time Client provides a rapid upgrade of existing network infrastructure to packet based timing and synchronization enabling operators to lower upgrade costs when migrating from a TDM to Ethernet backhaul.

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Time Difference Measurement Systems

  • Feature Measures and displays the difference between input time signal and UTC

Time SpyTime Spy Elite precisely measures the accuracy of a wide range of classic and network timing inputs against an internal precision GPS-controlled oscillator. Time Spy Elite has enhanced features over the standard Time Spy: it has Gigabit Ethernet capability plus an SFP connection for use with alternative media such as fiber. Time Spy Elite also optionally accommodates a laboratory standard input to use as a time reference.

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modular systems

  • Feature 3/9-slot module output capacity Choice of clock synchronization options

Modular systems are a high capacity flexible timing systems designed for use in any application where reliable time information is required. It is ideal where synchronization of many different output interfaces is required as you can build your own system - choose from over 60 module options to fill the module slots in the chassis.

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UP Down counter

The M170 is a highly versatile Multi-Purpose Clock & CountdownUp Generator designed for any application where count down or up is essential, such as range timing and event time management. Maintains a count of time in hours through to tenths of a second Start time preset by front panel switches at switch-on, or operator entry Hold resolution 0.1 second Synchronized to an external time and frequency source High accuracy internal oscillator options available Remotely controllable The count time can be stopped and started by the operator or by remote control. The M170 CountdownUp Generator has an RS232 RS422 serial interface which automatically outputs the Generator count time with sign, direction and runhold status once per second. ‘Countdown’ signifies that the time display on instrument and the output count is negative and decreases (counts towards zero) when the count runs. After the count passes through zero, the sign changes to positive and the count increases. In both cases to move to the next count the instrument simply adds 0.1s to the current count.

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Intelligent Lockers Management Systems

Ideal for controlling access to portable computing and communications equipment such as data terminals, laptops, attack alarms and airwave radios, as well as for medical use, and industrial tools and devices such as gas analysers, detectors and specialist monitoring equipment. In common with our key management systems, Traka32 software is used to control locker access via PIN, magnetic card or biometric reader. Management information to be compiled, the system automatically records when a locker is opened and by whom - and with RFID sensors, when the contents are actually removed and returned. Traka can even ensure that the piece of equipment is returned to the correct locker after use.

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Time Trace frequency comparison system

  • Applications National Physical/Metallurgical Laboratories, Space Applications.

Time trace II is an exceptionally accurate time and frequency comparison system which, when used in conjunction with a similar device in a National Standards Laboratory, brings the accuracy and traceability of your National Time standard into your laboratory. Time trace II enables calibration of clocks and frequency sources without resort to the use of travelling clocks. Very high accuracy Time & Frequency Transfer Implements BIPM directives and generates CGGTTS format files Utilizes Global Positioning System (GPS) data in common-view mode Provides global traceability when linked to your National Standards Laboratory Built-in computer with touch screen for configuration, monitoring and data log

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Frequency Distribution Systems

Time & Frequency Solutions present an unrivalled range of highly reliable time and frequency distribution amplifiers, including features such as dual inputs with automatic changeover and multiple independently-buffered outputs. Our products cater for a wide range of input signals, including IRIG A, IRIG B, Have Quick, 1PPS, as well as low phase noise reference frequencies.

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  • features High-quality traditional and contemporary designs,Large range of sizes, colours & styles available

We can provide both custom and semi-custom analogue clock designs that are constructed from a selection of standard component parts. This means you can benefit from aesthetic designs at an economic price. This approach is particularly appropriate in architectural applications where the appearance of the clock must be in harmony with its surroundings.

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Serial Protocol Testing Solution

Absolute Analysis Investigator™ has been designed from the ground up to be a multi-speed, multi-protocol, multi-function test platform. Investigator™ is used in the development, qualification, manufacturing and support of equipment with external or embedded communications interfaces. These communications interfaces can be based on industry standards or Investigator™ can also be customized to support non-standard interfaces and protocols

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Intelligent rack management System

Traka’s rack manager is an intelligent solution that allows you to restrict rack access to authorised users only. Furthermore, it allows you to maintain a full audit of who has accessed which rack, and when. Individual staff recognition ensures unique access permissions Automatically alert and notify should a key not be returned on time Audit and account for every key bunch 247 365 days per year Available as a stand alone or networked system Segregate operational and non-ops keys Fully scalable with systems managed from one central administrative pc Integrate with your access control system to ensure staff can’t leave site without first returning their keys

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