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Corrugation Gum

Corrugation Gum

Pasting and Corrugation Gum powder are used for the manufacture of Corrugated Box Manufacturing. The process and raw material used in the manufacture of Pasting Gum Powder as well as Corrugation Gum are the same as mentioned in Dextrin. The heating process of cold changes from high to moderate to maintain the viscosity.
Pasting Gum powder is available in two different Grades : Hot Process and Cold Process. In Hot process the powder has to be cooked with recommended ratio in water up to 800C to prepare the gum. The hot gum are highly recommended to use for the manufacture of corrugated boxes to get the better strength of boxes.
Due to high cost of electricity and time consuming the Pasting Gum has been converted from Hot process to cold process. This Gum is being prepared by adding caustic solution in the mixture of starch with cold water and getting ready in a small period of time. Even the PH value is high in this gum, manufactures preferred the same for fast production and reduction of manufacturing cost.
Corrugation Gum Powder is made from raw starch or cooked starch. The Mixer of starch with cold water and caustic solution prepare the gum. Some catalysts are added to increase the strength of boxes.

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