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Transformer Oil

Transformer Oil

Transformer Oil, offered by us, is uninhibited electrical insulating oil suitable for use as an insulating and heat transfer media in electrical systems where normal oxidation resistance is required. Transformer Oil is produced through a multi stage continuous refining process, clay contracting and vacuum filtration process. Transformer Oil, offered by us, is severely hydro-treated low aromatic oil which is free from polar compounds.


Performance Benefits

  • Ensures high oxidation stability
  • Aging properties extending the drain interval of product life performance level.
  • IS 335 : 1993
  • Is 1448 Typical Figures


Applications : It is used as a quenching media for power and distribution electrical apparatus such as transformers, switch gears, capacitors and other allied equipment.

  • Form : Liquid
  • Packaging Type : Glass Bottle, Plastic Bottle
  • cStP : 2516 Break Down Voltage of new unfiltered oil,
  • Flash Point, (PMCC), oCP : 21154Health
  • KV.IS : 679258 Pour Point,oCP : 10-12
  • Appearance : Clear fluidK.V at 27oC,

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