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Round Cutter

Round Cutter

Product Description
PRESTO Round Cutter for Grammage GSM Round cutter is useful for precise circular cutting to check grammage of samples. The sample cutter cuts out circular specimen of 100 cm², which is exactly 1 100th of a square meter, rapidly and accurately. The result is grams, multiplied by 100, gives the GSM (Grams per square meter) directly. Grams per Square Meter = Specimen Weight in Grams x 100

Round Cutter for Grammage is provided with 4 built in knives. By revolving the handle knob a quarter of a turn the cutter produces a circular sample of 100 cm². The Round Sample cutter is appropriate for cutting samples from paper, single layer board, foils and textiles, etc. and for cutting multi layer board (corrugated board).

The design and precision manufacture of the instrument ensures the specimens are perfectly circular and have smooth edges.

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