Pyramid Tatva

Pyramid Tatva

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bloodstone Bead Bracelet

Bloodstone Bead Bracelet

INR 399 / Piece(s) ( Approx )

Min. Order (MOQ) : 1 Piece(s)

Bloodstone belongs to the Seeker and Transformer Crystal family. Seeker and Transformers are popular talismans, used to find transformation in life towards more desirable state. Seekers are used for guidance in searching for a new path, direction, approach or any quest which is desired but not attained yet. Charged with Earth Power of the Transformer, they are great aid in seeking new avenues towards transformation of life and relationships. Bloodstone is widely used to remove negativity and to connect with the energies of the earth. It is also considered to be a stone integrated with the energy to provide long term financial security and stability.

Bloodstone represents Wood Energy which is traditionally associated with the East and Southeast areas of a house or room. It is corresponding with the Family and Health area along with Prosperity and Abundance in one’s life. This bracelet could be used in the East area of a room or house which will help in Qui, the Universal Life Force flowing properly there. Also Bloodstone will enhance energy flow aiding and guiding your efforts towards making contributions in enhancement of family and community. Bloodstone is used for meditation ritual wherein it is used initially for grounding and stabilizing prior to using other crystal forms. It helps in easy transition to the meditative state. It is called Bloodstone because it is often found as dark green in color with red inclusions which look like drops of blood.

  • Color : Green
  • Chakra : Root Chakra
  • Brand : Pyramid tatva
  • Zodiac Sign : Aries, Libra, Pisces

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